Friends, if you know anything about our loves at Polka Dot Wedding you know colour is right up there. We go weak at the knees for colour. We message each other quickly with “Did you see that?” when we see colour. We dream, wholeheartedly in colour. And so when we find an editorial that combines our love of all things rainbow, with the very core of what we are – the humble polka dot, and it all happens to fall into place for The Polka Dot Issue, well we are well and truly all yours.

The vision of photographer Dani Bartlett, who dreamt up the concept with floral designer Sweet Nothings Flowers, this was a collaboration that was something “filled with a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of colour. Something real couples could take pieces from and use in their weddings or just help them think outside the box when it comes to planning their wedding.”

“We wanted something fun with all the colour and we were talking about basing the shoot off one of those tinsel/frilly jackets and yes they’re amazing but we felt like they’d been done a fair bit. We brainstormed some ideas and then we started wondering what we could do with pom-poms and how that could look in the shoot and what direction we could go”.

Set at the warehouse space of winery venue Lloyd Brothers, the team created a fun, indoor picnic, the perfect celebration to follow an indoor ceremony (complete with puppy dogs and polka dot pom backdrop), led by celebrant Marry Me Lorri. Our couple, dressed in pieces from  Imagine Bridal Lounge, COEQUA and Oscar Hunt with their looks completed by hairstylist Blendd & Co and makeup artist Ruth Kate Makeup. The pom pom jacket? A work of art of Dani herself, “Soon I’d ordered a whole pile of yarn and was making pom poms (my husband thought I was bananas)” laughs Dani.

Set in winter, the team worked with darker jewel tones for this look – deep emeralds and raisins, hot pinks and jade greens. The reception picnic was styled and set by Minty Mary Pea. Hanging blooms, coordinating with a bright and beautiful floral and candle garland, that’d decorated the centre of the table. Each place setting with layered with amber glassware, coloured crockery and modern black flatware custom menus designed by Paper & Flo and printed by Hash Print adding the finishing touch.  To mark the occasion? A pom pom adorned, bright pink, handpainted wedding cake by Myrtle and Clay. The brief for “A whole lot of fun and a whole lot of colour” was well and truly met.

And then? Time for celebration. Giddy Up Bar the grand diamond, in a lounge cocktail bar area designed for brightly coloured cocktails and a little respite from the dance floor. The newlyweds toasting their brand new status with brightly coloured cocktails (but of course) complete with custom drink stirrers from Fig + Fletcher.

Scroll on for every single amazing detail. And if you can’t get enough? Make sure you stop and play the film by Rhiannon Miller, just for an extra dose of colour!