Let’s face it, choosing an engagement ring without your other half can be a daunting mission, especially when you want to surprise them with the proposal. The team from Diamondport is here to put your fears at ease with “Your Must-Have Engagement Ring Know-How with Daimondport” – tips and advice on how to do your homework when it comes to engagement ring shopping!

We get it. You want to blow their socks off, elicit that impulsive ‘Yes!’ and place a delicately sparkling ring on their finger, all whilst channeling unparalleled confidence and romance. Easy peasy you say, looking like the sweating-smile emoji! Don’t stress. A seamless proposal can be straightforward with a few simple steps.

Buying a Surprise Engagement Ring 101

If you’re purchasing the engagement ring as a surprise, there are a few key need-to-knows for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Finding the Engagement Ring Size Like a Boss

“How do I secretly find my partner’s ring size?” This is where most people get stumped, but it’s a fairly minor detail to solve. If your partner owns a ring, take note of which finger they wear it on, and bring it to your engagement ring appointment. If you can’t bring it in, take a picture of it on one of your fingers and we’ll find a matching ring in store.

Cool story, but how does this find the actual ring finger size, you ask? At Diamondport we can almost always predict the correct size of the ring finger based on your partner’s other finger sizes.

If you can’t snag one of their rings, showing us a photo of your partner at the appointment will be almost as helpful. Accompanied by some small details about their lifestyle, height, and body shape, our engagement ring specialists can make an educated guess on your partner’s ring size (which, by track record, is almost never wrong).

And if all else fails, it’s your lucky day – Diamondport, like many jewellers, offers complimentary ring resizing if it isn’t quite right the first time round!

Nailing the Engagement Ring Design

Ain’t no room for viral proposal fails when you select a style that will steal their breath away! But choosing the ring by yourself is hard, right?! Caught in a roundabout of designs, price points and any hints they may have dropped in the past is where most folks find themselves. Here are our top tips for making an informed choice:

The Jewellery Box Rummage . . .
. . . only make it subtle. You’ll often find your best clues amongst their existing jewellery. Take note of the metal they wear most (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum), the style they prefer (bold, minimalistic, dainty, modern), and the shape of any gemstones they may already own. Their current style is the best predictor for choosing the engagement ring.

Get Your Detective On
Channel your inner Sherlock with a nonchalant question about a friend or family member’s new engagement ring. There’s almost always someone getting engaged, even if it’s just a post you see online. Asking your partner’s opinion of the ring is a perfect opportunity to have a casual conversation about what they love in a ring, without seeming too suspicious.

Take *Visual* Note
Visual hints are GOLD when it comes to knowing your partner’s favourite designs. If you’ve been lucky enough to witness a Pinterest board or any other ring images they’ve shown you, take note. The designs they take the time to mention or save will be the ones they most admire, and probably the sparkler they’d love to wear on their own finger. If you’ve managed to keep or save any of these ring images yourself, kudos to you. It’ll be priceless when it comes to choosing the ring.

Get Honest
This is definitely not for everybody, but if you and your partner are the straightforward type, nothing is better than a direct question. Remember, by asking about their favourite ring designs, you’re not giving away the proposal date, your plans, or even necessarily that it’s on your mind. It’s just a dang good way to figure out their dream ring!

Set Your Price Point
Regardless of whether you know a general style or not, setting your price point is super helpful to guide your engagement ring purchase. It will help negate the overwhelm of engagement ring choices, guide your engagement ring assistant in the designs they show you and give you a clearer direction for choosing the ideal gemstone for you and your partner, as this will anchor the price point of the ring. And by the way, the old salary-to-months rules on how much to spend are entirely outdated. It’s all about what works best for you and your loved one.

True Love Guarantee
Still got the niggling fear they won’t love the ring? Diamondport’s unique “True Love Guarantee” means you can propose confidently with a signature Diamondport design, and if your partner doesn’t love it, we’ll remake it at no cost. How’s that for a confidence boost?!

Time to Send It

Feeling somewhat in the dark about choosing an engagement ring is totally normal. Remember the ring is the symbol, but your love story is the real thing. This planning is meant to be enjoyed, as you prepare for the best chapter yet. Find yourself an engagement ring jeweller who will treat your love story like it’s their own *hint hint, Diamondport* and you’ll not only leave feeling like a diamond ring genius, but you’ll know you’ve found the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

And hey – your partner deserves it!

About Diamondport: Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists are here to work with you to make sure your proposal is something neither of you will forget. As well as helping you design the perfect engagement ring, we can also help you figure how you’re going to propose and give you tips to make it as memorable as possible. All of our rings are made on-site in our Brisbane studio and we pride ourselves on the 5-star service we provide (we have 420+ 5-Star Google Review to prove it!).

Images by Susannah Twine from Diamondport