Look, we say if there is ever a time to dress up in your fanciest clothing, don high heels and suits, have your makeup expert done, it’s your engagement session. It’s like all the fun and sense of an occasion of a wedding, but with just you two, and captured forever.

For Nyake and Sam, their glamour game was strong.  With photographer Davish Photography, the pair spent the day dressed to the nines wandering the river and the photos are not just full of love, but actually full of chic sophistication. Adelaide, stop – you’re showing off!

The couple met while at work, Sam knew there’d be something more from the get-go, telling “We used to work in the same place but different sections. I wanted to have a conversation with her but time wasn’t on our side.

So one day she came to work on my side but I was working with another girl. I was like, ‘this is the day’ (lol), so I asked the girl I was working with would she like to swap with Nyake so that she would go to the other side and my girl comes here. She said ‘yeah’, went to call her for me then we started talking.

Only God knows how I lied that day. I told Nyake I had done a lot of travelling. I know she knew I was lying but just wanted to keep the conversation going and watch her.” And it was with conviction, many moons later, that Sam asked Nyake to marry him. “I proposed to her that I want to spend the rest of life with her and she said yes.”