If you’re looking for a lasting gift to give your guests, look no further than these Sweet Tagged Succulent Pot Favours with labels! Easy to put together, we’re in love with simple name tags and a gorgeous plant for your nearest and dearest.

What You Will Need:

  • Mini pots – we’ve used 5cm ceramic pots
  • Succulents – you could also use herbs, sunflower plants, flower seedlings…any lovely plant will do!
  • Soil
  • Ply tags – we’ve used Christmas bauble shapes, with the top of the bauble holding the tag in the soil. You can use any shape or design!
  • Letter stickers

Step One

Collect all your pots, plants and soil, in an area where you won’t mind spilling some dirt. Using a good succulent mix (if you don’t have any specific mix, just mix a little coarse sand and perlite in with good potting mix), repot your plants carefully and firmly into their new pots. Water them in well, then leave to dry out completely before watering again.

Step Two

Using the letter stickers and ply name tags, carefully stick your initials (or any chosen word/phrase/name) on to the wood. If using Christmas bauble shapes, remember to put the letters ‘upside own’, so that the bauble top can be inserted into the soil. If potting the plants well in advance of the event, keep the tags out of the pots, so that you can water the plants when needed. Pop the tags in just before your event.

The guest favours are super easy to make well in advance, leaving you plenty of time to work on the last-minute touches before your event. Just make sure you leave them in the care of someone with a green thumb. If you don’t have anyone nearby that is a plant parent, simply keep the plant pots in the sun and neglect them just a little bit. Easy as pie!