We’d all hoped the pandemic would have packed its bags and sailed off into the sunset by now… so that we could then go pack our bags and also sail off into the sunset! Alas, it was not meant to be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still steal away for a romantic honeymoon this year with the help of this “Love In The Time Of COVID Part Two: Tips For Honeymooners In 2022” piece.

Consider this Part 2 of our “Love in the time of Covid: How to Have a Covid 19 Safe Honeymoon” series. Check out Part 1 here! These tips and tricks are definitely still relevant for anyone planning a getaway, but times are a-changing so read on for a few more hacks to have up your sleeves.

Hone In On What Matters Most

A romantic holiday isn’t just about where you stay, what you do, or the food you eat. Most importantly it’s about the person you’re with. And on a honeymoon, that’s your most special person. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, or you’re missing out on, focus on what you do have. One on one time with your special person.

Manage Your Expectations

Okay, let’s follow on from what’s most important (each other). Pre-departure, it might be worth spending some time on how you’ll deal with the factors that are outside of your control. We know staff shortages and supply issues are rife so if you’re all about stellar service, remember, kindness is always fashionable and patience is definitely a virtue!

Power Down And Be Present

Make a conscious effort to go into your own special bubble for a few days. Ban buzzwords like bubbles (exceptions for popping champagne of course!), case number hotspots, and PCRs. Switch off the news. Go one step further and turn off your phones. Being present is the best gift you can give each other, even more than a five-star hotel or a five-course meal.

Pack A Power Bank

If you’ve planned on being out and about, make sure you’ve checked for reduced opening hours and vaccination policies, but my hot tip is also to pack a power bank for your phone! You don’t want to run out of juice checking in or showing your vaccination status.

Be Prepared And Take Turns On The Paperwork

Make sure before heading off on holiday that you’ve pre-installed the necessary check-in apps for each state you’re traveling to. Add as many of your details, like vaccine passports, so that check-ins are quick and easy. Why not pop each other’s details and vaccine passports into your phones and take turns on check-ins for the day? That way you divide and conquer rather than you both reaching for the phone all day.

Whether you’re staycationing or sightseeing, here’s to honeymoons that are full of love, laughter, and positive attitudes!

About Lisa Perkovic: Lisa has spent the past decade travelling the world writing for Australia’s leading newspapers, magazines, and blogs about all things travel. Her own honeymoon was her pièce de résistance – an epic journey to the Maldives and South Africa. Now she loves nothing more than sharing destinations and tips to help other newlyweds work out how to have the honeymoon of their dreams.