Giant chocolate freckles? Um, yes please! Super easy to make, customisable to any colour theme, and very, very delicious, giant chocolate freckles are a fun DIY to make for your guests – young and old. Have a look online to see the myriad of colourful sprinkles available, and stock up of good quality chocolate – your guest favours are about to get fancy!

What You Will Need

  • Chocolate – use any variety you like (milk, dark, white), just make sure it’s good quality
  • Sprinkles – different shapes, mixes and colours are available from cake decorating stores (buy good quality to avoid colours running or fading)
  • Glass bowl, mixing spoon, spatula and microwave
  • Ice cream takeaway containers – if you can’t get these or would rather a different shape, use oil on the container, and be aware that if the container you’re going to use isn’t flexible, it might be a trickier to remove the chocolate once set

Step One 

Melt the chocolate very slowly in the microwave. Depending on the strength of your microwave, go in 10-30 second bursts, mixing between each burst. Ideally, take the chocolate out when there’s still some unmelted chocolate, and mix until smooth. If the chocolate burns, bin it – no good comes from burnt chocolate.

Step Two 

Lay out your takeaway containers. These work perfectly as they have a smooth coating on the inside of the container. Spoon melted chocolate into the container, to the depth of approximately half a centimetre. If you’d like to be very accurate with measurements, use a tablespoon measure. Carefully layer the sprinkles on top of the chocolate. Set aside to cool.

Step Three 

Once the chocolate has set, carefully wiggle the giant freckles out of their cases. If making these as favours, use food-grade gloves when handling the chocolate, and be aware they will be melty. Keep them (and your hands) cool to prolong their loveliness. Wrap them in individual glassine bags or stack them high on a dessert table – however, you use them they’ll be well-loved!