At-home cake-tasting tins are something I’ve had on the back burner for years and thanks to COVID was forced to get them launched, and I cannot believe how popular they have been. Thinking of the planet and not wanting to contribute to landfills, we’ve opted for a lovely reusable tin! We worked with Guilia at Nestle & Porter who took our tin concept and made it into reality. The menu is printed on German Vellum giving the feel of a fancy box of chocolates to open and enjoy!

We are definitely overwhelmed by the popularity of the tins. Not just for couples planning their weddings, often sharing with their parents and friends, but also for anniversaries, birthdays and, just because!  One of these tins really is a lovely gift. Enjoy “Decadent At Home Cake-Tasting Tins With The Cake & I” by The Cake & I, with images by Ridhwaan Moolla Photography.

How quickly will I get my cake-tasting tin after I order one?

The samples are usually available every fortnight – dates are listed on our website store. Pick up is from our studio on Friday and Saturdays, or delivery can be arranged. Get in touch for a quote!

The cake-tasting tins come with 6 standard flavours. We do have individually boxed gluten-free and vegan samples that can be purchased separately so there is no cross-contamination. We take allergies very seriously!

Do I get to keep the tin or must that be returned?

The tin is yours to keep! They make a great non-plastic lunch box or cute storage tin!

How long before my wedding should I order a cake-tasting tin and book my wedding cake? 

Anytime at all really! Some couples who are super keen have ordered more than 2 years out. They are excited and want to get the ball rolling! Others a few weeks beforehand.

Should I refrigerate my cake tin and how long can I keep it before consuming the cakes? Any tips for transporting if I need to travel with it? 

Yes please keep the cake tin in the fridge and take it out around 20 minutes before you want to eat the cakes. Do not ever leave it in a hot car. If you are on a long journey maybe bring a little esky with you!

How would you suggest a cake-tasting tin is best enjoyed? 

We live on the edge of John Forrest National Park so we have had a few couples collect the box and take it on a picnic. I love this idea! Some couples use the cake samples to have as dessert for a dinner party they hold with their parents and friends, while others will enjoy it over a few days. I think most would devour for morning or afternoon tea. However you want to enjoy the cake tasting experience is up to you, and you can make it as special or as simple as you like.

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