If ever there was a year to embrace fun and colour at Christmas time, this is it! While you could easily restyle this to suit a wedding tablescape (think textural dried flowers, fabric, or foliage), we’re leaning hard into Chrissy and bringing the glitter. Make a whole bunch of these Colourful Christmas Centrepiece’s for your windowsill, table, or as sweet gifts, and you’ll be feeling festive in no time!

What You Will Need

  • Polystyrene cones
  • Mini Christmas baubles (in any colours you want! Make it colourful or keep it colour-blocked to suit your theme)
  • Florists’ wire & scissors
  • Hardy rosemary stems

Step One

Begin by pulling all of the tops off your chosen mini Christmas baubles. Very satisfying. Place all your baubles to one side, and grab a pair of scissors or a kitchen skewer. Make an indent into the polystyrene cone, and wedge the bauble in. If you’re planning to use this decoration for many years to come, use glue, or wire each bauble with floristry wire, which will anchor the baubles more firmly. Circle around the base, and work upwards.

Step Two

Continue working in concentric circles, moving upwards. As you reach the pointy end of the cone, it will get trickier to simply wedge the baubles in. Wind floristry wire around the base of each bauble to firmly anchor it into the cone. Place the top bauble much higher than you would think, using wire, so that the tree maintains its triangular shape.

Step Three

Once you’re happy with the placement of the baubles, and they are all firmly held in place, snip the rosemary (or any other woody herb or foliage) into small pieces, with a strong stem. If the stems aren’t strong enough to pierce the polystyrene on their own, strengthen these with floristry wire. Fill in the gaps left between the baubles with foliage, to create your festive Christmas tree!

If you’d rather not use anything fresh (which means you can make this beauty weeks in advance of use, and keep it for years following) you could cover the polystyrene in paint before placing the baubles, or you could use artificial greenery. Let your imagination run wild! And create a gorgeous, festive treescape for your next Christmassy celebration!