There are many jobs and to-do lists to tick off when you plan your wedding, even if you orgnaise a wedding planner and enlist the help of your loved ones to assist you, there are still many elements to get right. And there are many things that won’t go to plan, which can often be part of the beauty on your wedding day! One thing we highly suggest not getting wrong? Your wedding invites. Not necessarily the look and style, but the nitty-gritty actual information you send out to your wedding guests. Divulging some tips on “How To Proofread Your Wedding Invites” is the lovely Tiahn from Lavender Creative

While there are a lot of fun things involved in creating your invitations, like choosing colours, shapes, fonts, and styles, there is one aspect that rates a little lower on the fun scale: proofreading. But when so much effort (and often money) goes into creating these babies, it’s an essential step to take before pressing the print button. When you are so closely involved in the process and the details of your big day, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook obvious things.

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An example of why it’s so important to do an in-depth look over your invites before they are printed off and ready to send? I received an invitation once that was missing the time… Yes, the time of the wedding. As someone who has worked in marketing proofreading print ads, I know it can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be if you approach it in a systematic way, and so here are my tips on how to tackle proofreading your wedding invites. Why not pour a glass of something delicious, put some music on, sit down with your partner and work through it together?

Be systematic! Use a checklist to ensure you have covered everything! (Hint, I have one of these if you’d like a free copy!)

Check for consistency in formatting! This includes full stops, paragraph spacing, font sizing, etc. A common mistake – the date for the wedding is in a different format to the date for the RSVP.

Have someone else read it. It’s always a good idea to have someone not involved in the process (bridesmaid, mum) take a look over it with a fresh set of eyes.

Check for general spelling. A great way to do this is by copying the text from your proof into a word or email template with a spell check function if you can (Grammarly is an amazing tool for this!). But keep in mind a spell check won’t pick up on mistakes like “of” when it should be “or”.

Print it out! You’d be surprised what is noticed on a printed copy compared to on-screen. When you print a copy you can tick or highlight each line as it has been checked.

Read it in reverse. You’ve probably read your invites a million times by now and the clever little “auto-correct” function in your brain may be skipping over obvious errors. Solution? Read it backward.

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If you’d like a complete two-page checklist with the below tips, feel free to get in touch and I’ll send a copy your way!

  • What to include on your invitations
  • Everything to check when proofreading your invitations

Proofreading your invites can ensure all our nearest and dearest are crystal clear with all your big day information and will reduce the chance of little hiccups on the day. You can make it a fun job with your beloved, will make your invites look professional and informative, and will reduce some stress for you in the wedding planning. Happy proofreading!

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About Lavender Creative: Tiahn is a bride-to-be, graphic designer & lover of modern, minimal stationery!