Jewels, jewels, sparkling jewels! If there ever was a way to get us out of Monday-itis, then sharing the brand new “Enchanted” collection from Australian jewellery designer S-kin Studio has to be it.

Known and loved for special everyday pieces already, founder Chi Mai was inspired by a very special gift she received from her mum on her wedding day – a white gold teardrop necklace.

This special, and what Chi calls ethereal, beauty is seen throughout the entire collection.  A collection with the whole kit and caboodle- earrings, necklaces, bracelets and of course rings. The pieces use delicate details like pearls, star imprints and unexpected shapes. They’re beautiful for your wedding day, as gifts, or as part of your look, but most importantly. they’re beautiful for many years beyond.

The rings, each completely customisable, are available with both ethical lab-grown diamonds or moissanite (also ethically sourced and GRA (Gemological Research Association) certified) come in six designs. All keeping completely on-brand for S-kin says Chi “From my research, I discovered that there is currently no bridal range in the market made with 18k gold fill,” she explains “I wanted to create a well-made engagement ring that doesn’t compromise on beauty and yet is accessible for couples who don’t want to, or don’t have the means to spend three months wages on a ring. This moissanite option fills that gap.”

Our picks? “Evangeline” a curved, star embellished wedding ring is an unexpected beauty. “Amelia” a brilliant marquise set ring, is delicate, modern and slightly whimsical. For wedding day accessories, the Ogata chain stud earrings have all the delicate beauty a pearl brings, but with a modern, chain style detail. This is, of course, a collection that blends styles beautifully.

S-kin Studio pieces are available from their website, or their brand new Melbourne store, opening this month!