It is no secret that Tasmania’s Bruny Island is one of my favourite places in the world. Few places feel like the ends of the earth as much as this place. Hidden, secluded, and embracing every bit of raw rugged beauty, the beautiful Dennes Point location was the most incredible backdrop for William and Kate’s engagement session.

The couple, joined by photographer Doxa Visual became engaged on Bruny Island, the spot also being a sentimental spot for William (who spent his summers on the island at the family shack). It was a natural choice to capture the next stage in their lives together.

After they first met, it took a little while for romance to decide that these two needed to spend more time together – two years in fact! Kate filling us in “We met at church briefly initially and then didn’t see each other again for two years. He then showed up at my house one day to complete some renovation work (he’s a carpenter) and we got chatting again. It was a full day of work so we had lots of time to chat!”

As we mentioned before, William decided a picnic on Bruny Island was the perfect time to ask Kate to marry him. “We took the dinghy over to Nebraska Beach on Bruny Island”  remembers Kate. “We had packed everything for a picnic and set up on the secluded beach. It was a beautiful day in late November.”

On what they love about one another, Kate tells “Our shared faith and love for Christ. It’s so easy for us to spend time together – we have a similar sense of humour, and we love adventures exploring the outdoors and being near the ocean! I also love his green eyes!”

“Our photographers were amazing to work with” shares Kate. “Jac and Jon have personalities that instantly make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. They bring a lot of humour and genuine warmth that encouraged fun and spontaneous atmosphere during the shoot.”