Succulents are an ideal plant to incorporate into your event decorations – they last forever, most are hardy and they come in a huge variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. We’ve put together this sweet arrangement with grasses and succulents, all on a flower frog. You could easily scale up the sizing, or cluster a group of these together on a buffet dessert table. Adding a touch of gold couldn’t be easier with some matte spray paint! We hope you enjoy A Touch Of Gold Succulent & Grass Centrepiece DIY Tutorial…

What You Will Need

  • Gold spray paint
  • Succulents – use varieties that are hardy
  • Grasses, cake stand and flower frog

Step One 

Select your container – we’ve used a small cake stand, and place the flower frog on top. If you’re going to be using weighty blooms and grasses, attach the flower frog on with florist tac. Use hardy grasses (no fleshy leaves). Remove the roots and soil, and press onto the flower frog. Following the instructions on the tin, spray your clean and dry succulents. Allow to dry completely. Keep some succulents their natural colour, and arrange in amongst the gold succulents, using the painted plants as highlights.

Step Two 

Depending on where your arrangement will be used will dictate whether it should be attractive from all sides, or can be front-facing. Once you’re happy with your design, and everything is attached securely to the flower frog, clean away any leaves or dirt, and display proudly! This centerpiece can be made approximately 3-4 days in advance, but always have a practice run to check how your materials will last.