In our journey through the beauty of South Australia we’re in the beautiful beachside spot Hallet Cove. And today? We get to share the story of Taylor and Daniel, and how this pair, who became engaged over a vineyard lunch, celebrated such a big milestone in their life together (with the help of photographers Wilson and Lewis Photography of course!

After meeting at Perth’s Matilda Bay Restaurant, where Daniel was the bartender and Taylor the apprentice chef, the pair hit it off and dated for five years before Daniel decided to ask Taylor to marry him. She tells “Daniel and I had been dating for 5 years. He had organised for us to go to McLaren Vale with my family for some wine tasting and lunch.

While my family went off to “have a look around” he took me to a spot overlooking the vineyards. He wanted to have a picture with me, he thought he would get down on one knee while I was looking out to the scenery. Of course, I ruined it, “I’m hungry, when can we have lunch” by the time we had discussed this my whole family had come back to join us.

Daniel knowing if he didn’t ask me then and there the day would be all out of schedule. He threw caution to the wind, turned to my dad and said “don’t judge my speech” to which he got down on one knee in front of them and asked me to marry him. It worked out perfectly, I was so happy to have my family share that moment with us.”

Taylor and Daniel get along like a house on fire. “Daniel and I are best friends – as generic as it may sound but we truly are. Our personalities are so alike and we both just have a massive zest for life and family. We are both very families oriented, compassionate and caring people. We love these qualities about each other. We love to have fun and not take things too seriously. I love that no matter what, we can always rely on each other. We are each other’s biggest fan and number one supporter.”

“There is never a dull moment with Daniel and me” says Taylor. “We are a laugh a minute! I am prone to getting “hangry” so Daniel makes sure to always have snacks handy – which I think is quite funny.
We have shared so many great memories with each other in the past 6 years! If I’m not laughing at him, he’s laughing at me. We never take each other too seriously.”

“We are no models, in absolutely no way. The content they were able to pull out of us in under two hours is amazing. Within 10 minutes of our shoot Daniel and I were relaxed and settled in, the rest of the time was just like hanging out with friends and their cameras! I honestly can not say anything but good things about Wilson and Lewis, and I can not wait to have them be with us on our special day.”

The spot they chose for their session, Hallet Cove is a favourite for them both explains Taylor. “Daniel and I both have a mutual love for the ocean. Hallet Cove is just stunning, with its picturesque landscape. We wanted a shoot that was natural and organic. Daniel and I are both laid back people, with this being the first time behind the camera as a couple we wanted a shoot that would reflect us. Natural and no fuss!

Throughout our photoshoot, we were able to capture so many amazing shots in a variety of different backgrounds. Our style was boho, relaxed chic and we loved the content that was produced. It truly reflected us as a couple!”