Native flowers and plants make a gorgeous combination for wedding decorations, with their textural and varied foliages. If you’re after a simple way to group together dried flowers and plants with vintage bottles, this rustic drawer arrangement is just what you need!

What You Will Need:

  • Rustic drawer, box, crate, or tub – if this arrangement is to be used as a centerpiece, look for something with low sides and not too large. If it’s for your drinks table, entryway, or another large space you’re decorating, scale everything up!
  • Vintage bottles and glassware
  • Dried flowers – we’ve used billy buttons
  • Native grasses and plants – we’ve used a mixture of daisies and grasses
  • Paper bags

Step One

Gather together your container (we’re using a vintage singer sewing machine drawer) and bottles. Arrange the bottles and play around to see where they’ll fit, and where you can cluster them together. If your container is big enough to fit the plants in their pots, leave them as they are. If the pot is too large, remove it, shake off some dirt, and place the roots with as much dirt as possible still attached inside a paper bag. Place them firmly into the drawer, rearranging if necessary.

Step Two

Place the dried flowers into the bottles, continue to rearrange, and play around with the layout. Grasses last well with this treatment, however, some plants will wilt after around 3 hours.

Step Four

Make use of any rustic, vintage wooden pieces you have discovered, placing bottles and plants, dried flowers or fresh into these also.

Step Five

This type of arrangement can easily be broken up at the end of your party, with parts given out as gifts, making it an easy and gorgeous way to bring the outside in!