The photos and/or video of your wedding day are, in our opinion, pretty high on the list when it comes to prioritising the factors of your day. These are the snapshots of your memories from the day, many of which will be candid during the ceremony or reception, but you also have the option of ducking away from your guests and having portraits taken. So it’s only natural that you’ll more than likely spend a bit of time imagining where you’d like to have your wedding portraits shot. Since it’s our South Australia issue, we reached out to a couple of fabulous South Australian photographers to get some information and inspiration on where they love to shoot weddings and portraits!

Richelle from Richelle Casson Photography fell head over heels for a particular location that you do need to see to believe in its appeal, but when you do, oh boy – you do!

“Everyone loves this car park!” laughs Richelle. “And I can see why! It’s the perfect vibe for those fun wedding photos that we all have come to love! Although you really wouldn’t think shooting in a car park is ideal, it just works so well here! It screams urban wedding! And this is exactly what Sara & Dan had planned for their wedding day. We had so much fun adventuring around the city!”

Images by Richelle Casson Photography

Elanie from Davish Photography truly delivered the goods with the following list of venues and locations she adores shooting weddings and love shoots at around South Australia.

Blanche Point

Elanie says, “It is one of the gorgeous scenic coastal spots in South Australia. The cliffs, the little walkout/runway with the ocean in the background, are magic. At sunset, the sky goes all pink just before the sun says goodbye…”

Images by Davish Photography

Mount Osmond

“Another beautiful natural location is hidden away in the foothills of Adelaide,” explains Elanie. “This little gem is great for a photoshoot, hike & picnics. You can see the CBD, the sea, the airport, and the sunset will take your breath away. Also a beautiful spot for stargazing.”

Images by Davish Photography

Salt Lakes around South Australia

“A natural wonder, white sands, pink skies, clear reflections with wide-open spaces – exquisite for love shoots!”

Images by Davish Photography

Second Valley

“Cliffs, view and just perfection, with wide-open spaces. What more could you want from a photoshoot location?”

Images by Davish Photography

Adelaide CBD

“Timeless architecture which photographs so beautifully, and ideal for backdrops. Adelaide CBD is unique, beautiful, and picture-perfect.”

Images by Davish Photography

Woodburn Homestead

“What is not to love about Woodburn?” Elanie says. “The beautiful farmhouse for getting ready photos. The unique open-air chapel. And then endless options for your reception. The staff at Woodburn are amazing!! The food is beyond delicious!”

Images by Davish Photography

Glen Ewin Estate 

“Nestled in the rolling Adelaide Hills, the beautiful, heritage-listed property with two stunning reception are options. Gorgeous gardens, lakes, and so many more gorgeous spots for wedding photography!”

Images by Davish Photography

The Brae Dawesley 

“New rustic barn with endless possibilities for photo ops and picture-perfect spots!”

Images by Davish Photography

The Barns of Freeling

“This historic barn has been beautifully restored with many nods to relaxed luxury. The Barns of Freeling is a flexible space with endless opportunities. It’s no wonder I love to shoot here!”

Images by Davish Photography

Redwing Farm

“Redwing Farm is situated on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula and is only a fifteen-minute drive from the white beaches of Moonta Bay,” Elanie explains. “The 460-acre broad-acre farming property offers a genuine farm wedding experience within the sweeping plains of the central Yorke Peninsula, one of South Australia’s favourite holiday destinations! So it’s gorgeous to shoot at and it also holds terrific holiday places for you and your guests.”

Images by Davish Photography

Longview Vineyard

“Just 45 minutes from the heart of Adelaide, Longview offers some of the most picturesque locations. It is surrounded by beautiful vineyards, waterways, and historic buildings!”

Images by Davish Photography