What is ‘bloom work’ I hear you say? It’s the name I, Tyeneal Hahn Makeup Artist, gave the creations from one of my favourite works to date. I collaborate alongside a team of dedicated professionals and in our downtime, we get together and create magical things! In this particular case our shoot brief was ethereal and out of this world – it is what I imagine falling down the rabbit hole into Alice’s beautiful Wonderland would be!

Within this collaboration I had a mini-collab with Florist/Stylist, Le Sans Souci – Nadja is an exceptional florist. Together we wanted to create something unique and non-traditional with fresh blooms for the hair. I spoke with Nadja only a few times, explaining, “I want to create something full but not a flower crown. Something that I can weave or grow into the hairstyle”. Nadja replied, “Leave it with me…” I’ve seen that look in her eye before and I knew she would create something fitting and fabulous! We followed the team mood board and took our lead from the incredibly detailed but whimsical gowns by George Wu that we were featuring in the shoot.

Shoot day arrived and Nadja presented me with three floral panels. Let’s do this step-by-step!

Step One

I created Mercy’s upstyle – she had amazing hair to work with!

Step Two

Together with Nadja we placed and gently pinned the panels (so they wouldn’t fall but were easily moved), then stepped back and checked. After a few shuffles, I found the perfect placement.

Step Three

I secured the panels with U pins at several points and cross pinned at the top and bottom of each panel for a stronghold.

NOTE: Heirloom Blooms or Bloom Work for the hair – to create a full look 3 floral panels were used to give flexibility around the hairstyle, your florist may choose to create more and smaller panels, whatever will work best around and within the style. In the featured hairpiece are spring blooms such as Zig Zag Wattle, English miniature roses, Helleborus, frilly Double petal Helleborus, Ranunculus, Ferns and Grasses.

It’s as easy as that, well, kind of! Let me take you through the creation process right from point of your engagement so you can have a unique hairpiece design created for your perfect day!

Set your budget!

Sit down with your fiance and write a realistic list of all inclusions for your day – think of this as a first draft, once you get quotes and start locking in vendors the spending in different areas may need to shuffle.

Create a Mood Board

If you are wanting a one-of-a-kind bespoke floral hairpiece you will need to have your hairstylist and florist individually understand your vision, vibe and colour palette – this starts by you having a clear understanding of all the aspects of what you are after for your day – this is ‘the big picture.’ Create a mood board to guide you. More specifically also decide on a colour palette and inspiration for your florals – give this a mood board of its own! (Remembering to be flexible – not all blooms suit this type of work and may be seasonal. Always seek advice from the florist.)

Find Your Stylists

Get onto your socials and look at blogs of both styled shoots and real weddings – here is how you find your hairstyle and florist. Narrow down a list of 2 in each field to speak to (you don’t want to overwhelm yourself) and discuss with each your vision. Each will give you advice – take notes so you don’t forget who said what. You can skip parts of this step if both professionals already know each other or have worked on weddings together before.

Make your choice and book them!

Introduce your artists and trust that they will create your magic – probably by email! #covidsafe Arrive at your wedding day with an open mind but have trusted in the process. Remember this will be a work in progress right in front of you on the day! (It might be nice to have your photographer capture these moments…)

TIP: For a successful pairing between artist’s views, the work of both professionals, book on style and experience (don’t look at the price tag – this will be something to factor in when you set your budget). A bespoke floral hairpiece will come at a cost but at the same time be a unique feature of your look. I can assure you, as artist’s we LOVE creating and being part of unique things!

But why stop at just a hairpiece? When Nadja arrived at the shoot she bought with her other ways to creatively wear your blooms. Choose fresh flowers for a vibrant look or preserved for everlasting. Fresh flowers are conditioned/treated using special floristry techniques to ensure they last the day.

Vintage Umbrella

Adhered by panels a vintage umbrella can be decorated for added wow factor – the featured umbrella had the same floral focus as above with the addition of jasmine vine and extra delicate greenery.


Jewellery pieces can be created with preserved flowers to be more ‘wearable’ and are unique addition for the Bride or Bridesmaids, perhaps even the Flowergirl.


You might choose to use preserved or fresh florals for this – in the featured earrings fresh conditioned leaves were used.


Fresh or preserved florals can be assembled into a wreath to sit perfectly onto the hatband. In the featured piece greenery was the focus – it could easily be created into many styles, your imagination is your only limitation! And perhaps what is in season if you choose fresh flowers.

A note from the florist: In the ever-changing and challenging times with Covid you may want to consider using preserved blooms in some aspects of your day. This will make the arrangements everlasting in case of postponement – also a sweet memento for your to keep!

Every wedding day I find myself falling in love with the floral aspect. The colour, texture and creativity of the modern-day florist are mind-blowing! Don’t get me started on the amazing installations. But would you wear florals on your day? I don’t mean the traditional flower crown I mean ‘Bloom Work’? Pieces of interest adorned with fabulous florals that really stand out for such a memorable part of your day!

Stunning film clip of the shoot captured by Ivan Videography

About Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist: As a Makeup Artist, I have a very real approach to Bridal and Event Makeup, classic and natural are the makeup styles I am best known for but I love to create and care for all my clients. In my line of work, I have the ability to take care of people at the most precious times in their lives and share in their smiles and laughter. It is so important to me that your Wedding, Event, or Commercial Project runs exactly as you wish it to.