It’s a question many couples ask themselves in the lead-up to their wedding day. Do I include diamonds in my wedding band, or keep it simple and classic? Truth be told, there really is no right or wrong answer – it’s all about personal style! But we know the feeling of going back and forth between the two options. So we enlisted the help of the Gerard McCabe Jewellers once again (remember their piece on Opals? Stunning!) to help us help YOU make the right decision for your wedding band! The South Australian jewellers have put together some things to consider when deciding on diamonds for your wedding band in “Are Diamonds A Wedding Band’s Best Friend?”… 

Can we ever have too many diamonds? Originally a traditional wedding band was a plain band, either in white or yellow gold. Now the traditional band is more of an exception than the rule.

Things To Consider

When considering whether or not to include diamonds in your wedding band, it’s always good to have an open-minded approach and do some research before you begin your journey.

Things to contemplate are the height and shape of the diamond (or diamonds) in your engagement ring, the width of the ring, and how the diamond (or diamonds) have been set into your engagement ring.

What is the overall look or style that you’d like to achieve? Do you want your rings to sit flush together or separately next to each other?

Research Online Before Heading In-store

Looking online is always a good place to begin your research. When in-store it’s important to speak to an experienced sales professional, be open to suggestions and try on lots of different pieces until you find an option that’s scalable to meet your needs.

Many people don’t know what they want until they actually see the piece on their hand. It’s always a good idea to experiment with lots of different styles, narrowing them down until you find your perfect wedding ring.

Perfect Partners

To simplify the process and make discovering your ideal wedding band a seamless experience, Gerard McCabe has designed The Linea Perfect Partner Collection. The linea ring collection is the perfect partner to our beautiful engagement rings and will simply take your breath away. Many jewellers will have a similar collection which will simplify the process for you and you can be sure that your engagement ring and wedding bands will work beautifully together.

Linea rings sit seamlessly next to gorgeous engagement rings. Well-fitting rings not only look fantastic but have longevity greater than those not designed to be worn together. Meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy your rings for a lifetime, and beyond. A number of the Gerard McCabe Linea rings have been designed to fit next to a variety of ring styles and will work with your existing ring no matter where it was purchased from.

A second linea ring makes the perfect addition to your ring collection when you’re ready to mark a special wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child with an eternity ring.

An Expert Can Guide You

If you have your heart set on a unique design, we and many other jewellers are able to custom make your wedding band. Gerard McCabe’s Bespoke Designer Nazanin will give you guidance on the direction that you need to take – analysing and understanding exactly what will suit your needs, creating your dream wedding band. This is a perfect choice no matter where you decide to purchase your rings.

There isn’t a correct or incorrect choice of a wedding band, the main thing is that you’re happy with the way that the band looks and that it meets all of your wants and inclinations.

About Gerard McCabe: Gerard McCabe prides itself on developing unique jewellery collections which celebrate stories of life and love. The finest diamonds and gemstones are paired with exceptional design and strict manufacturing processes to produce for you a truly special piece. 

Images from Gerard McCabe