The Pink Cliffs of Heathcote are a natural wonder with their stunning natural beauty A beauty which Jordan and Liv completely made the most of for their engagement session with ever lovely photographer Captured By Peta.

The pair, who met in their first year of high school, “Our friendship groups mixed and he just kept popping up!” chuckles Olivia, even revealed something very special at the end of their shoot together (can you spot it?). It turns out, this relaxed vibe (complete with the couple’s favourite four-legged friend) was completely perfect. “The thought of a very formal shoot wasn’t for us but something fun and relaxed was!” explains Olivia. “We knew a sneaky spot that was very our style near where Jordan grew up. When we came to Peta with the idea she was all about it!”

Jordan decided a seaside trip to Torquay would be just right for him to ask Olivia to marry him, Olivia fills us in. “Jordan planned a “surfing trip” away to Torquay. I was so excited to go – it was in the middle of my exams at uni. I thought something was up in the morning because Jordan ate no breakfast and usually his all over the buffet breaky- but he said he was just not feeling well and I didn’t give it another thought.
We went for a walk up the bluff to the lookout and when I turned around he was on one knee! And shaking so much we were worried if he dropped the ring it was never to be seen again!”

Although the original wedding day was postponed, Jordan and Olivia got to tie the knot in March 2021. “Our original wedding was cancelled and postponed (twice) due to ‘Rona which meant we were unable to rebook with a lot of our original vendors and the wedding had to change. Peta knew how much we wanted a fuss-free experience and went above and beyond to deliver. Peta captured the most heartfelt and happy day.”