If you’re searching for ideas and inspiration for a musically themed wedding DIY, look no further! These cute & colourful cassette tape name place settings are just the thing to brighten up your table, adding a retro touch that can be painted to fit your colour theme. See if there’s a box of old cassette tapes still in the roof, or grab a new box from eBay, and get customising!

What You Will Need

  • Spray paint of your choice – we used matte white
  • Cassette tapes – one per guest
  • A marker pen/vinyl cutouts/letter stickers
  • If you want to add some character, consider washi tape, dried flowers or glitter

Step One

Unwrap your new cassette tapes or clean your older tapes, ensuring they are dry and dust-free. Following the instructions on the paint tin, paint each tape with approximately three coats on each side. Check each tape is completely dry before turning it over to paint the reverse side. Using your marker pen (or sticker letters), write the name of each guest on a tape.

Step Two

Using craft glue and a brush, coat the bottom of each tape in glue, then cover in large glitter pieces. Lightly press down to ensure the glitter is adhering properly. Tap off the excess glitter, and set the tape aside to dry.

These colourful cassette name place settings are a cute way to show guests to their seats, and can be customised for any colour theme! Word to the wise before we go – if you’re going to use glitter, avoid the traditional stuff and stick to chunky glitter, otherwise, it will go EVERYWHERE!