We knew covering a tambourine in blossom would be sweet, but never imagined it would be quite so blow-your-socks-off gorgeous! This musically themed centrepiece is super easy to recreate, adds height to your table design (or can be lain down), and adds a little something extra to your party.

What You Will Need

  • A tambourine (you can get super creative here and consider all sorts of instruments!) – we used an 8-inch headless tambourine
  • Blossom or vines to cover the instrument – consider foliage that lasts well out of water or vines such as jasmine or hops

Step One

Prop the tambourine up in a bowl to hold it steady. Begin by prepping your branches or vines, but ensuring they’ve had a good soak in tepid water, and have had all extra and unnecessary lower branches removed. The romance in this arrangement is in the wildness of it, so don’t strip away too much foliage! Using the gaps in the tambourine to anchor branches, begin threading pieces around the instrument. Don’t worry if it all looks a bit wonky to begin, once you add more in, there is more for new branches to grip onto, making it a little easier as you go. Ensure you’re balancing pieces on the front and reverse face, so it doesn’t pull forward or back.

Step Two

Continue to play around with stems until they’re sitting as you’d like. Work quickly, and plan to create this centerpiece not too long before your event, to give the stems as much time as possible to shine before they wilt. Trim branches, and add blooms as you go.

Step Three

Remove the bowl the tambourine was sitting on. Keep your arrangement somewhere cool and dark until it’s needed, to give it as much life as possible. If you’re concerned about heat or wilting, consider using vines such as dodda vine, ivy, or even succulents.