Whether it’s a summer wedding, winter wonderland, or spring celebration, when it comes to your wedding attire, you need to find something that fits your theme and matches your personality. Reception dresses are the perfect attire for dancing the night away with your guests. There are so many different styles of reception dresses out there; some short and sweet, others long and flowing. You want to make sure you get one that suits you best! There are gowns that come in short little cocktail dresses, perfect for the summer sunshine. There’s also a great selection of wedding gowns with beautiful beading and trendy lace wedding dresses to choose from. If you’re more into contemporary wedding dresses, then there is no limit on what you can find! We – the team at d’Italia – have put together a list of “8 Exquisite Wedding Dress Options For Hitting The Dance Floor!”

A Second Dress

You changing into a significantly lighter danceable dress that can help you feel like yourself again after hours of being in a wedding gown so that they can enjoy their wedding party and wedding reception. Since it will be the second dress, it makes more options available for you to choose from when thinking of a second dress.

Images: Shot From The Heart / Gowns (L-R): d’Italia & Sharon Koenig

Dresses with Removable Train

When you are looking at wedding gowns, you should try to find dresses with removable trains. This will allow you to dance without dragging the train along behind you and keep your bridal look intact for photos after the wedding reception is over. This also protects your dress from harm while still allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time.

Image: Ashley K / Gown: d’Italia 

Short & Sassy Reception Dresses

Short-length wedding gowns are another alternative that brides should think about. This style has been very fashionable in recent years, allowing for a wide range of wedding trends from the last several seasons, including high-low hemlines.

A-Line Wedding Gowns

Dresses with this silhouette are generously curved from the waist to the hem, creating a wedding gown that will flatter your figure while the balanced length will enable you to walk around swiftly enabling you to dance the night away. These bridal gowns allow for comfort and ease of movement, while still looking amazing. The straps on this sort of wedding gown may be thin or thick, depending on the dressmaker’s preferences.

Image: Josephine Lee Photography / Gown: d’Italia

Tea Length Wedding Dresses

A mid-length wedding gown is a common style of a wedding dress, with a hemline that falls either just below or on the knee. This style can work for brides of all shapes and sizes, from slender to curvy. You can also take this style from one season to the next by swapping out accessories, such as a long wedding veil for short wedding gloves or a simple patterned belt.

Image: Love Made Visible / Gown: d’Italia

Empire Line Wedding Gowns

Empire line wedding dresses are wedding gowns with a fitted bodice that gently flares out from under the bust and at the waist. The empire style is most flattering on women who have narrow or sloping shoulders and slim hips, but it can work for any figure type thanks to its versatile silhouette. By allowing room and movement in the majority of the gown, dancing and grooving on the dance floor are a definite plus for this style of gown.

Image: Aleksander Jason Weddings / Gown: d’Italia

Wedding Jumpsuits

Wedding jumpsuits were once worn only by rock stars and celebrities, but this wedding dress style is starting to gain traction with brides-to-be. This transitional look can be a unique alternative to the traditional white gown for those who want something different or are not comfortable in formal wear. With several celebrities now opting for wedding jumpsuits on their wedding days, brides are starting to embrace the trend as well and mostly all wedding stores offer this style of wedding attire.

Image: Charmaine Visuals / Gown: d’Italia

Bohemian Inspired

Whether you are having an outdoor wedding or you just want a casual look, bohemian-inspired wedding dresses are the way to go. The boho style lends itself perfectly to relaxed nuptials and makes for gorgeous wedding photos as well. From flowy gowns with lace detailing to short-cut shorts that can be paired with tulle tops, there is added advantage of being able to wear these dresses again too.

Image: Dan Brannan / Gown: d’Italia

Dancing and having a good time at the reception is an important part of any wedding night. When you’re wearing your gown, it’s all about making sure that you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. This means choosing a dress with just enough “give” in the fabric to allow for plenty of movement without feeling like it’s going to rip apart or slide up every which way as soon as you start dancing. But don’t worry- there are some great options for wedding dresses that are perfect for those who want their evening festivities to be memorable!

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