A black and white wedding inevitably oozes class and elegance. Everybody looks cohesive, the photos don’t date, and the style is, generally, incredibly timeless, looking at home in any decade. But as they become more popular, it’s important to remember that there’s more than one way to cut the cookie, from super formal to laid-back dress codes. We tapped the experts at custom suiting brand InStitchu for their guidance on four of the best ways to do a black and white suit, running down the formality spectrum.

Tuxedo Plus

If you thought black tie was formal, then make way for ’white tie’ – the highest standard of dress code. Traditionally an event you’d wear your old military medals at, ‘white tie’ events usually include royalty or other dignified guests. A traditional white tie event is quite demanding for guests (they’re probably going to struggle to find the right waistcoat and coat) but it’s becoming more common to draw inspiration from the code for the wedding party and encourage the rest of their guests to stick with black tie. Picture the groom and groomsmen wearing a white bow tie, a low-cut waistcoat, a coat with tails, or a luxurious white dinner jacket.

Image via InStitchu

Classic Tuxedo

A reminder that a classic never goes out of fashion, a tuxedo or dinner suit is the easiest way to execute a black and white wedding. We suggest you go nuts with the details that form a proper dinner suit – contrasting lapels and a stripe down the trouser, black loafers, a self-tie bow tie, and of course a proper tuxedo shirt. Just remember to include the term ‘black and white’ on the invitation as well as ‘black tie’ if you’re envisaging no colour, as guests may add splashes of colour in their pocket square or cumberbund otherwise.

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Lounge Suit

A simple and well-tailored two-button 100% Merino wool suit will cover you for this and countless events into the future. If you don’t have a tuxedo, a black suit can often fill this hole in your wardrobe – just stick with a black tie and not a bow tie if it’s an ordinary jacket – but if you do have a tuxedo, we suggest opting for a more versatile shade of grey or charcoal. It ticks the black and white dress code and it’s much easier to introduce to your ordinary work and special event rotation!

Image via InStitchu

Super Smart Casual

Black and white is, after all, a colour code, and not a dress code, so why not introduce some laid-back vibes to the affair? You could opt for a very casual party suit in textured grey, black or white linen or cotton or play with some separate chinos and blazers… Have some fun with accessories (keeping to the colour scheme) and you’ll have a series of garments you can continue to reach for, well after the event.

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