When you get married outdoors there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to achieving a naturally glowing makeup that goes the distance. Not only have I, Liv Lundelius, created makeup for hundreds of coastal weddings over the years, but I also got married by the sea myself. Skin changes with the seasons and with the weather, so a great makeup artist will always prep and prime your skin accordingly and choose products that will work for your unique skin and the conditions of your wedding.

Image: Jemma Keech 

When it comes to coastal weddings, I think of humidity, breeze, and sunshine, but most of all I think of nature and that beautiful ocean nearby. Less is more when it comes to coastal wedding makeup – an understated, natural beauty that highlights your features while keeping it simple is key.

You might need a base with some UV protection if your ceremony is during the day so you don’t get burned. It’s best to use a hydrating, yet not greasy moisturizer to prime your skin. You want to keep shine at bay, so a good setting spray and translucent powder will help to keep your skin looking fresh all day and night.

Sunkissed skin is a good idea for a coastal wedding so a natural-looking bronzer that suits your skin tone, or a warm blush for the fairest of skin tones creates that holiday glow. Keep your coverage as light as possible and use concealer where needed, rather than using a heavy and thick foundation all over as this will only feel uncomfortable, is more prone to melting and budging, and also looks unnatural.

Image: Jemma Keech 

When it comes to colour, I recommend going with a neutral palette that enhances your complexion and eyes. Think a little bronze around the eyes, a hint of waterproof (!) mascara, a neutral lip, and glowing radiant cheeks. If that’s a little too little for your liking, you can also opt for a few individual eyelashes or a pop of color on the lips which can be fun and summery (think corals, peaches, or pinks).

If you are having a winter coastal wedding, really deep and rich colors can really make a statement. Apply them as a stain if you prefer matte or use a sheer, glossy color instead of a perfectly lined lip, which can look too made up. Stay true to your style and day-to-day makeup preference and tweak them to suit the occasion. You surely want to look like yourself on this most special and memorable day.

Image: Jo Bartholomew 

Glam makeup is better suited to evening events, city weddings, or old-world-inspired events and can look a little out of place near the beach. When you look for ideas to show your makeup artist try looking through your own photos first, instead of browsing perfect, photoshopped Pinterest images of supermodels. Is there a snap of yourself that you just love from your favorite summer holiday? One that you look happy, relaxed, with no or little makeup? That’s a great inspiration to show your makeup artist. Any time that you felt really beautiful in your own skin is the best starting point, and you can then work from there.

From here? Have fun, get planning and dreaming, and have the most wonderful beachside wedding imaginable!

About Liv Lundelius: Sometimes it is nice to remember that we all have a unique character, a particular style that helps express who we are as individuals. Liv Lundelius has a wonderful ability to see beyond trends and create effortless makeup that reflects her client’s personal style. She has grown and developed her skills as an international makeup artist, always interested in the vibrancy of different cultures, fashion, and art, her work has taken her from Berlin to London and New York for many years before moving to Sydney. Whether it is a designer, photographer, or bride; one of the real joys of being a makeup artist is the ability to work closely and personally with each client. With a great understanding of different skin types and skin complexions, Liv is able to select the right products to enhance their unique features in a natural way. Liv is based in Sydney but her beautiful work is sought out from clients all over the world.

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