It’s our mission on a Monday to fill your screen with beauty, and today, as we show off the brand new “Blanc” Fall 2021 collection from  Evie Young, we’re going to give ourselves props for nailing it!

Led by Aussie designer Liz Young, Evie Young is all about wedding gowns that are a little romantic, a little ethereal, a little luxe and as beautifully unique as their individual wearer. “Blanc” brings to life 19 new gowns,  many available in multiple colourways with customisable elements like detachable sleeves. There is floral adorned lace beauty in the form of “Dusk”, slimline silhouetted crepe gowns with appliqué detail like “Ryder” and sleek gowns with pleating and asymmetrical detail that let the design do all the talking – you’ll find that on “Ode”.

Individuality and inclusion is a firm favourite of this brand (and their sister label Madi Lane). Each gown is available in size 2 all the way to 28. Designer Liz sharing  “The inspiration around the Blanc collection and designs was the overarching theme of individuality – that our unique journey and personality are what defines us, and our inner authenticity and originality is what brings meaning and purpose to all things.

In essence, these gowns are a blank canvas to be transformed by the magnificent women who wear them – they are brought to life by the beauty and diversity of each wearer.”

There are plenty of stockists around the world for Evie Young, Head here to find your nearest one!