The team at Life of Coco is at it again with another super lovely DIY tutorial for The Coastal Issue! Whether your want to create these coconut bowls or cup planters as fabulous personalised wedding favours, table centrepieces, place settings, general wedding decor OR simply for some greenery added to your home, you can’t go past this super easy and quick Cool Coconut Bowl Planter DIY Tutorial! 

What You’ll Need:

–  Your favourite coconut bowl or cup!

–  A drill

–  Succulent, herb or plant

–  Nutrient-rich soil / potting mix

–  A little water

Step One

Choose your favourite coconut bowl or cup, turn it over and use a drill to create holes for the water to drain from. (3 holes for bowls and 1 hole for a cup).

Step Two

Prepare your succulent, herb, or plant by water it to ensure the soil is soft and remains together. Gently turn it over and remove the plant from its original container.

Step Three

Place your plant and its roots, keeping the original soil, in the centre of the coconut bowl or cup. Fill with nutrient-rich soil or potting mix and add some water to your plant. And you are done!

About Life of Coco: Life of Coco is on a mission to protect the beauty of our planet for us and generations to come providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Our coconut bowls and bamboo products are 100% sustainable, sourced from rural farms in Vietnam, and crafted with care. Destined for landfills, these bowls symbolise our zero waste dream of transforming everyday waste into beautiful things. Let’s be kind to the planet together!