The thing I love most about coastal-inspired cocktails? They’re tall, icy and most of all., they’re easy. As we talk all things of the sea, today we introduce you to the Seabreeze!

Perfect for a hot summer wedding, the Seabreeze is everything a summer cocktail should be. It’s sweet, a little tart and can be built right in the glass. This one is also easy to make in bulk, which makes it perfect for wedding guests to enjoy post-nuptials.

Today, we’re using The Natural Distilling Co Hemp Vodka, which has a really delicious, earthy note to it and flavours of lavender and basil. The combination working beautifully with the citrus notes of the Seabreeze. Because of the season, bottled cranberry and pink grapefruit juice. Fresh grapefruit juice is, of course, always better if you can swing it.

As for the citrus twist? Traditionally the Seabreeze uses lime, but we’re in lockdown and it’s winter, so we think the humble orange? Just as good!


  • 60ml Vodka
  • 60ml Grapefruit Juice
  • 90ml Cranberry juice
  • Ice
  • Citrus slices for garnish


  1. In a highball glass, add plenty of ice
  2. Add vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice
  3. Stir well
  4. Garnish with a citrus slice.

Thank you to the Natural Distilling Co for sending over their utterly delicious Hemp Vodka.