We may all be pretty far from our dream beachside holidays right now, so any little touch of the sea is right up our alley during The Coastal Issue. Today, we’re whipping up the Salty Dog, a play on the traditional gin and grapefruit greyhound cocktail, the salty rim of this one is a delicious juxtaposition with the sweetness of the grapefruit and gin.

Now because we’re us and I’m me, I had to make this one our own, so I made it pink! We’ve used pink gin and pink salt, with our pink grapefruit juice.

The pink gin of choice today? It’s the coastal-inspired Linalool Summer Hemp Gin from The Natural Distilling Co which they kindly gifted us. This gin, while bright pink, is also very floral in nature. The team inspired by long summer days at Waratah Bay and Sandy Point crafted this one with a spicy finish that has notes of cinnamon.

And before we go much further, you’re going to be wondering about those beautiful watercolour details in today’s shoot right? These hand-painted beauties are the work of Polka Dot Wedding directory member Elk Prints. When we were browsing Elizabeth’s beauties recently, we stumbled upon her beautiful store which is full of all kinds of watercolour details for parties, events and celebrations. Elizabeth kindly loaned us this set to celebrate our month of the sea.



  1. In a cocktail shaker add ice
  2. Add 45ml pink gin
  3. Add 90ml pink grapefruit juice
  4. Shake until the cocktail is combined and chilled
  5. To rim your glass, run a lemon around the edge, and then roll in pink salt
  6. Add ice to a glass
  7. Pour in cocktail
  8. Garnish with  a citrus slice of your choice