If sand between your toes and hearing the waves come gently to shore is your thing, a coastal themed wedding might be right up your alley! In this centrepiece DIY, we’ve gently introduced sand for a seaside feel while still being muted and pastel. You can take this tutorial as inspiration and add anything into your wedding centrepieces – like shells, lush foliage, more candles, driftwood – whatever takes your fancy.

We’ve used preserving jars from the op shop, but have a hunt around to find what suits your overall theme. Buy clean sand (don’t take a bucket to the beach!), and have a play with height, texture and colour in advance of your soiree so you know exactly how you’d like it to look.

What You Will Need:

–  A mixture of glass jars – keep the look clean and streamlined go with all matching glassware in simple shapes, or go wild with vintage colours and shapes.

–  Sand – buy the clean stuff!

–  Candles – again, you can keep the look ‘modern coastal’ by using all white, or you can introduce pops of colour through your candle choice.

–  Styling pieces – we’ve used Spanish moss, different plates and boards and linen fabric. You could use extra flowers and foliage, driftwood, shells…whatever suits your coastal theme best!

Step One

We know a good DIY is a simple DIY, and this one couldn’t be any more straightforward! Grab your clean jars, clean sand and candles, and get filling. This centrepiece is best put together in situ. Alternatively, fill up the jars with sand before transporting them to your venue. Then simply place the candles in place once you’ve popped them on the tables.

Step Two

Ensure the candles are firmly held in the sand, to avoid any candle lean later in the evening. Also, ensure no foliage or burnable items are above the flame of the candle. Have a play with your styling items, utilising texture, height and layers to create a coastal feel. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Using glass jars as candle holders is a great way to add a lot of beauty to your tables, and can be used over and over again with different styling elements. Add some huge hurricane lanterns around the room to create some drama, and the room will be twinkling like a seaside sunset!