When Canadian designers Aesling set the wheels of their third collection in motion, designer Gaby Bayona was inspired to create a collection, for well everyone.

This is a brand that makes their beautiful pieces from size 6-26, so why not show that off in their imagery? “We want to set a new standard, and ensure that every bride feels welcomed and represented by Aesling collections” explains Gaby. “To this end, every style in the 2022 collection was photographed on a size 2, a size 8, and a size 16 model to showcase the fit on a range of body types. While many brands have expanded their size availability, not all have showcased these fits on a curve model, making visualization nearly impossible. With minimal size representation still an issue in the wedding industry, we have striven to address this by proudly offering curve model imagery of every new dress.”

And the gowns? The gowns do not fall short. The 2022 collection echos the brand’s minimal vibe with a touch of drama. Twelve gowns are sparkling new here. The signature, simple all-crepe silhouettes, like “Mahal” stand strong, but the bold details – think double bell sleeves (as seen on “Sophia”), gauzy bishop sleeves like on “Sistine” and even a beautiful cape, stunningly featured on “Sagrada”. This is a collection inspired by architecture, each gown named after a place of worship around the world, the gowns echoing the design element of their namesake.

Can’t you imagine these with bold heels? An incredible bunch of blooms and amazing shoes? Aesling really nailed their brief with this one. They’re designed and made in Canada by the way- each gown hand cut made to order for its wearer. Just the kind of attention to detail you need!

And if you fall in love with one of these gowns? The Aesling team ship worldwide right to your door. Check them out here.