Bring on the warmth, bring on the sunshine, bring on the lovin’ feels! We have all the summer vibes (so apt in the depths of the cold!) for the engagement of Maddie and Elliot.

Captured by Valentina Perez Imaging, Maddie and Elliot wanted to embrace their favourite spots for picnics, for their engagement session. The trio heading to beautiful Mount Osmond to capture the best of the summer light. “Our engagement shoot took place at Mount Osmond, not only a significant place to Elliot and I, but where Valentina had eloped only a few months earlier!” exclaims Maddie. “Instantly we shared a connection that enabled us to build a relationship and continuously talk throughout the shoot.” And not only is the spot beautiful, but it turns out, it’s also the very same spot these two shared many first picnics as they started dating (and the subsequent proposal). How’s that for romantic?

After swiping right on Tinder way back in 2017,  the pair soon became inseparable. “Our first date was a walk along the esplanade at Glenelg” tells Maddie. “Elliot only planned for the date to go for an hour as he had a Soccer game, but got distracted talking to me for 3 hours! After that, we were seeing one another every week, before we knew it Elliot asked me to be his girlfriend on New Years Eve 2017. It was only a short four months later and we decided to move in together and multiply by getting three cats over the four years of our relationship!”

The proposal, as noted, also took place in this special spot. Maddie remembering “On Christmas morning last year I really wanted to get up super early and go and watch the sunrise. I dragged Elliot out of bed, put on some warm comfy clothes and drove up to the lookout. Even though it was my idea and he seemed to be unimpressed (to throw me off my game) he decided to propose on this very spot and a few months later we created this amazing engagement session together.”

These two share plenty of life and love together. “There are way too many favourite memories” laughs Maddie, “But a fond and funny memory is how Elliot said we could adopt one cat when we moved in together. After a few weeks, we were cat parents to two boys, and after a year we adopted a third girl cat. We have lived together for over three years now and we are a happy little family of five.”


Elliot’s love for Maddie? “My Madeleine is her enthusiasm for life, gentle touch and her attitude, her passion for studying… The cherry on top is Madeleine putting a love note in my lunch every single day.”

And Maddies’ love for Elliot? “His humour, patience, ability to make me laugh every day and how he showers me in kisses.”