Sian and Gavin’s wedding date was not just special for them – they married on Gav’s grandparent’s 61st wedding anniversary. “Unfortunately they weren’t able to join us on the day but seeing them in their 90’s and still so much in love gives us something to aspire to. It’s such a special thing for both Gav and I to now share our wedding anniversary with his grandparents.”

The sentimental romance, the story, the thought, it is that that flowed through the entire wedding day story of Sian and Gav, captured in beautiful style by Figtree Pictures. The pair, who originally wanted to marry in New Zealand, rethought their plans when COVID hit, and I think you’re going to agree, that it was, just as the bride, Sian described “Blush, whimsical and simple. We wanted the day to just feel like a big beautiful party.”

In a technological world, it is hardly surprising that Sian and Gavin’s first met on Instagram. Says Sian “We had both taken our mothers to the Coldplay concert in Brisbane. Gavin saw the photo I had posted as my ‘check in’ and commented on it. I responded. We went back and forth a few times commenting before he sent me a message. He was so polite and like a breath of fresh air. We chatted for a few weeks getting to know one another then met up for ice cream in South Bank but got too caught up chatting that we didn’t even get any! It was like two old souls had been reacquainted.

I had always been nervous dating, being in a wheelchair, but Gav was amazing. He simply said it wasn’t an issue, didn’t think it had to define me and was just my mode of transportation.”

The proposal, so very “them” when Gavin asked Sian to “level up”. “Gav and I call every milestone moment, big or small, levelling up. The day before the proposal our offer on a house went unconditional so we ‘levelled up’. We had been wanting to try the Lighthouse Restaurant at Cleveland Point so he suggested we go there to celebrate. After dinner, we went for a walk around the point which was where he had originally asked me to be his girlfriend almost three years prior. Gav stopped and said, “Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” to which I gave my usual response, “Yeah, you go alright”. He then smirked and said, “Well we have already levelled up once this week, how about we do it again”. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried and of course said, Yes!”

Sian and her favourite people spent the morning getting ready in Bride Tribe robes.

Sian worked with Susan Ogg to create a beautiful lace gown.  She explains “A few years prior I engaged a dressmaker/ designer, Susan Ogg, to make my Bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding. She was amazing with knowing how to cut the material to suit my body shape and for me sitting down in my wheelchair. I knew that when I got married I wanted her to make my dress. I showed her a photo of my vision and she brought it to life – layers of ivory and pale pink tulle, over silk georgette, and a semi-sheer bodice with lace appliqué. It was such an easy stress-free experience!”

Sian and Gavin chose the beautiful country venue  Bellingdale Farm to host their big day. A decision Sian raves about. “Wow! We were originally getting married in New Zealand, however, COVID-19 put a pin in that plan. Turning our sights onto more local areas, we could not go past Bellingdale Farm. Even having our initial inspection where there was half a floor and a giant Oak tree through the middle of the building, we knew it was perfect.

It had everything we wanted in a venue, the view, a place on-site to get ready for both parties and then a villa to sleep the night. It also had accommodation close by in Kingscliff where we could spend time with our loved ones before and after the wedding. We wanted our wedding to be more than just a day, but an opportunity to spend quality time with our friends and family.”

The groom wore pieces from MJ Bale. Sian tells  “He wanted a relaxed look, no tie, sand chinos with a bold Navy jacket. Of course, he wore his Happy Socks underneath, as did all the groomsmen. Gav’s favourite part of his attire was the custom made watch I had given him with the words “Meet me at the altar” inscribed on the back along with our wedding date.”

Got to get the rave reviews in for Chris Hutchison Weddings! Sian noting “Our wedding singer, Chris Hutchison, was great. He was so easy to work with, went with the flow and sounded amazing. He was such a perfect addition to our day.”

Of her walk down the aisle, Sian remembers “My wedding party and I went down the aisle to Ruelle “I get to love you”. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

My father, Ian, walked me down the aisle following the flower girls, bridesmaids and Man of Honour. Dad walked me down then partway down the aisle my mother joined in and both of them walked me the rest of the way. This was a perfect way to honour my relationship with both of my parents and acknowledge the huge part my mother plays in my life.” And that moment remains unforgettable for Gav. “Seeing everyone coming down the aisle. I was so overwhelmed by emotion seeing our nieces come down. Then when I saw Sian, it was amazing. Everything just felt so right. She took my breath away.”

Sian and Gavin were married by David Webber. “My favourite detail was how Dave, the celebrant ran the ceremony” tells Gavin. “It was so light-hearted and fun. I also loved the firepit, it was a welcome addition where people could relax and enjoy from a distance.”

Sian adds “Our ceremony was absolutely perfect. Our celebrant, David Webber, was an absolute vibe! He made a serious moment relaxed and fun. It was just such an enjoyable experience. We wrote and exchanged our own vows. A special moment was when my friend, Ally, read a short story I had written for Gav early on in our relationship. It was such a sweet moment in our relationship so really meant a lot to include it on the day.”

Can’t resist including this story of Sian and Gav from their ceremony that they so graciously shared with us.

“Once upon a time there lived a boy and a girl. To the world they were nobody but to each other, they were the world. This boy and this girl were special. They met under what some may say were amusing circumstances… the dashing young chap had taken a liking to the lovely lady’s social media account, scoping her out and waiting in the shadows until he one day found the perfect opportunity. You see, it turns out they had a mutual love of Coldplay. He exhaled a deep breath, silenced his mind’s doubt and with the pen as his sword he took the first step to becoming this lady’s knight in shining armour.

What came next was a surprise to the both of them. In a world full of technology, false representations, and instant gratification it had proven difficult to see through the rose-coloured haze and into the soul… but not with them. With every word they spoke it became clear that what they had both been searching for had been found. A unique and what they hoped would be a lasting connection was formed.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst their connection was effortless, they weren’t without their troubles. Both the lad and his lady had been hurt before. Walls needed to crumble, and wounds needed to heal. With patience and love, bit by bit the boy tore through. He showed his heart of gold and with each kiss and whispered word, they both began to heal.

Whilst they hadn’t known each other very long, their souls appeared to be old friends. They quickly became very important to each other. There was never a dull moment when they were in each other’s company. The companionable silence, the cheeky laughter and the quiet intimacy… it became the norm and the norm was beautiful.

You may be hoping to hear a happily ever after right about now but that isn’t how the story ends…just yet. You see, the wonder is in the living and they have barely just begun to live. But oh how they’ll live though. They will see adventure and magic and make scandalous memories to tell when they’re grey and old to shock the young ones. At the end of the day as they sit back in their rocking chairs, holding hands, sipping coffee and watching those around them, they will still look at each other with youthful eyes and think; ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”

Sian and Gavin did their wedding party their way. “We did things a little differently. I had a Man of Honour and Gav had a Groomsmaid. The bride’s party were friends, Louis as Man of Honour, and Lauren and my niece, Isla, as Bridesmaid and Junior Bridesmaid. The girls wore blush dresses which were the bargain of the wedding costing only $10 off Catch of the Day! Louis wore a blush suit jacket and navy chinos. Louis has been my best friend since birth as our mothers are friends and were pregnant at the same time.

The Groom’s party were friends Bryce as Best Man, and Lauren as Groomsmaid, then the Bride’s cousin Sam as the Junior Groomsman. Bryce and Sam wore the opposite of Gav, navy chinos and an oat coloured jacket, with pocket squares to match the girl’s dresses. Lauren wore a navy jumpsuit the colour of the boys pants. Bryce and Lauren are actually married so the jokes about taking home a bridesmaid ran hot all day!”

Five stars all around for the couple’s choice of photographer Figtree Pictures. “Gav is a photographer and which vendor we picked was very important to him” explains Sian. ” Figtree were amazing. Camilla, Maddy and Alice were so warm and fun to work with. They did such a great job capturing our love.”

The fresh flowers on the day were styled by Lola’s Wildflowers. “We wanted a combination of dried and fresh blooms. Fresh blush roses and orchids in the bouquet, these were then paired in with dried palms, reeds and seeds in white cluster pots, dried ruscus with bunny tail buttonholes and then simple eucalyptus garlands for the reception. We loved the idea of cluster pots to style the ceremony rather than installations as they could easily transition to reception décor and then act as a feature piece in our house. Lola’s Wildflowers did a great job of bringing our vision to life.”

Sian and Gavin give this advice to you. “Take a moment on the day to just sit and take it all in. You’re married, you’re in love and you’re surrounded by those you love. Let yourself feel the emotion. Also, don’t feel guilty if you don’t get to speak with everyone at the wedding. If you sat down and chatted with every person on the guest list you would quickly run out of time for everything else. A smile and a wave go a long way.”

As the sun set, guests gathered inside for a sit-down reception. “The crew at Bellingdale Farm were unbelievable. They were so accommodating and ready to help however we needed. They were so great catering for our guests’ dietary needs but also to our guests including myself with physical needs.”

Sian and Gavin styled their wedding themselves using pieces from The One Day House and Hampton Event Hire. Sian telling “We found inspiration from Pinterest then hired items from The One Day House and Hampton Event Hire as well as items we had purchased. We didn’t want a lot of clutter on the tables but to keep it simple. On the day, my family and wedding party styled the tables beautifully. A highlight for everyone was the polaroid cameras we had on the guest book table. People could sign the guest book, take a polaroid and stick it alongside the message. It also acted as another little keepsake our guests could take home with them.” Special shoutout to Gav’s cousin Karen who made the wedding cake!

Sian and Gavin made their dance floor debut to Landon Austin’s “Once in a lifetime”. ” We had Mitch Graham from Strictly Bridal Dance choreograph our first dance” explains the bride. “He did such an amazing job and created an opportunity for such beautiful moments between Gav and me. Our guests said that our dance and also the choreographed father/daughter dance was one of the standout moments of the day.”

Sian’s favourite wedding day moment? After the last glass of champagne had been drunk, the guests had left. “One of my favourite moments of the day was after the wedding had ended. Gav and I were in our villa onsite at Bellingdale Farm. We stayed up talking until 2 am, catching up with each other about the day, what had happened since we parted ways the night before and reflected on all the special moments that had taken place. I fell asleep with my head on Gav’s chest, listening to him speak about his favourite moments and how much he loved our wedding.”

A big congratulations to you both Sian and Gavin. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thanks also to Figtree Pictures for sharing today’s beautiful wedding with us.