One of the main questions we are asked by couples planning their day is, “Should we have our wedding filmed?” – this is a personal choice every couple needs to decide for themselves. However, as someone who did NOT have their wedding filmed (Ms Rose!), I can say it is a regret I have not only had for the past 10 years but will be one that I carry always. So for those who are choosing to hire a cinematographer to capture their day on film, the team at Lovereel has some handy info regarding wedding films! 

How Long Will My Wedding Video Be?

We have a few different film types for our couples to choose from that many other wedding videographers will also offer their clients!

Teaser Films are essentially a trailer of your wedding day, like when you watch a trailer of a movie you’re interested in seeing. Highlight Films are approximately 3 minutes long and are edited to music with only some minor audio moments from the day such as the “You may kiss the bride!” moment and the cheers that follow. Short Films are approximately 5 minutes long, and are edited to music but also include a fair bit of audio narrative from the day as well. And last but not least, Feature Films go for up to a maximum of 2 hours, and include the ceremony and reception speeches in full with audio, and highlights edited to music for all of the other parts of the day!

Regardless of what type of film you choose for your wedding, just knowing that you get the chance to relive some of these incredibly special moments is invaluable!

Audra & Jordan Short Film

Amali & Sandeep Short Film

Do I Get to Pick the Music for My Wedding Video?

When it comes to thinking about music for your wedding film, think about your favourite scene from a romantic movie. Is the music heard during this moment – is it an upbeat pop song, or is it a beautiful instrumental piece? We find the latter can be used carefully to accentuate the visuals, drawing even more emotions from the viewer, and this is something we take great pride in doing with our films. Ultimately it is your choice for your film! Whatever will speak to you as a couple to tell your story.

At Lovereel we give couples two options when it comes to music: 
1. Let Lovereel choose something for you, which we just know is going to work beautifully with your footage!
2. We can send you a large selection of songs to choose from, which we’ve handpicked ourselves specifically to suit the type of film you’re after.

Other wedding cinematographers will have lists of music their clients can choose from, including royalty-free musical pieces to give your video a unique vibe.

Nicole & Chris Highlight Film

About Lovereel: With various wedding film options to choose from and all the raw footage at your fingertips, Lovereel offers an affordable yet highly professional wedding videography experience.