When there are weddings that can happen during a pandemic such as this, we believe they need to be fun. They need to celebrate all the awful parts, the sad parts, the disappointing parts about planning a wedding which could look completely different from one week to the next

And Monica and Andrew did just that “The theme of our wedding was fun, party, modern, industrial, light-hearted. ” explains Monica “Our inspiration was really just to have fun. We wanted the wedding to be light-hearted and enjoyable – More of a party than anything else and not overly romantic or soppy. That’s def lately not us after 10 years together!

Captured by Tahnee Jade Photography this was a day that focussed on everything important to Monica and Andrew- good food, good wine, and family and friends, and nothing that wasn’t Aad it’s evident one every photo. the joy, the beauty, the endless rounds of cocktails (save us one!).

“We deliberately kept guest numbers small, and even more so after Covid. We were a bit worried that it would fall flat but we think it was perfect bc all our favourite people were there and no fillers! Everyone just wanted to have a good time and it felt like most people there were on the same page.”

“either of us wanted anything overly traditional or set in stone. ” explains the bride “I was actually surprised by how many ‘traditional’ things we ended up including! But I think it all worked well on the day.”

Monica and Andrew chose Prue Takle Celebrant to officiate their ceremony. “Prue worked so hard with us to personalise the day and make it our own. Again, she stuck by us during covid and pepped us up when we were pretty flat about it all. It was an easy choice to get her to MC because she really helped t tie the day together.”

The couple chose Bloom & Bush to both help them plan the day and style their flowers- and then COVID struck and she (based in QLD) couldn’t get to the wedding! “Kerrie nailed the brief from the first time we met. Really impressed with how she listened to what we wanted from one conversation. She also made sure that one the day everything was taken care of from QLD which wouldn’t have been easy!”

The couple were keen to pick a photographer that evoked the same day they wanted their wedding day to have- and they succeed! Says Monica “We wanted Someone we were able to relax with. Neither one of us particularly like our pics being taken so was really important to us we had someone who could come in and direct us without feeling like we were overly posed. (You nailed it by the way Tahnee!)

It was also really awesome how Tahnee engaged with our friends/family on the dance floor and throughout the day– We love those pics!!! And the candid shots that we didn’t even know we’re being taken were amazing – This was important for us also bc we knew we wouldn’t want only posed pics and the candids are always the best!”

The couple searched endlessly for their dream reception venue, finally landing a gem of a private warehouse “We actually really struggled to find a venue we liked. We found everywhere we went was either not our style (mostly too romantic or rustic barn style) or cost a fortune and Andrew kept saying he could do a better set-up…. So we did.
As soon as we landed at the warehouse the rest was pretty easy to picture. I wanted something really modern, clean and loved the industrial vibe. We knew the neon sign was going to really set the scene and we were both so glad we spent the money on that. Andrew was really good at understanding what I wanted/pictured for the day and thinking of ways to create it – like the overhead lighting or the exposed timber tables.

We found a really good hire company for the cutlery and chairs and once I saw the black chairs with plates and metallic for cutlery it kinda all just fell into place. It was a lot of extra effort doing everything ourselves but it was so so worth it on the day!”

There was good food and cocktails aplenty provided by Casa de Playa Mornington & Liquid Infusion – something very important for Monica and Andrew! “Other than getting married I think for us we both just really wanted it to be fun for everyone. We wanted there to be a really fun vibe that everyone could relax into and let their hair down. We didn’t want it to be overly romantic or stuffy and we were so happy to see the dancefloor full all night and the cocktails flowing.
Food and drink were also huge for us. Coming from an Italian family I wanted there to be HEAPS! Full bar, huge amounts of food. We didn’t want anyone to stop for a Macca’s run on the way home! Lol! Food was so important to us and we were so glad to have spoken to Casa when we did. They actually stepped in only 4 weeks out and Kylie was so easy to work with! Nothing was too much trouble – She even came up with a backup plan at the restaurant if restriction kicked in again!”


“Other than seeing each other for the first time that day I loved walking into the reception for the first time. ” remembers Monica “We had put so much time and effort into creating the venue and seeing it all come together was amazing! It really made me proud of what we had been able to do together. Dancing all night long with my favourite people was a very close second”

Moni and Andrew chose Bow and Ribbons Studio to capture a film of their day, sharing “Michael was great on the day and awesome to see him on the dancefloor and getting involved but after the fact we were so impressed with the detail he went to in compiling the video for us. He picked up on so many small items from the day we had totally forgotten about.”

The biggest of congratulations to you both Monica and Andrew! We’re thrilled to be able to share your beautiful day. Thank you to you both and thanks to Tahnee Jade Photography for sharing today’s celebration with us.