When it came to planning cocktail ideas for The Black & White Issue, our first port of call was the deliciousness that is white chocolate.

One of our favourite Distilleries, NSW based Brookies (aka Cape Byron Distillery), kindly sent us over their Mac by Brookies, a macadamia & wattleseed liqueur (I know, living the dream) and considering one of my favourite ever snacks (dessert?) combination involves white chocolate with salted macadamias, we knew we had to make this come to life in cocktail form.

Mac (which suitably, also tastes delicious in plain whipped cream, yes I tried that too) is like an Australian Frangelico, but better. It has the nuttiness of course, of beautiful macadamia, but it also carries that wattleseed note, Australian’s own native coffee shining through. The combination bringing out butterscotch, cacao and coffee flavours in a silky smooth and more-ish amber gold.

So when it came to designing this cocktail, we pulled in the chocolatey flavour of white creme de cacao. Macadamia is a really subtle flavour but it comes to life in this cocktail, especially with a few extra golden crushed macadamias around the rim.  A finishing touch of grated white chocolate for a little extra deliciousness.

If you want something a little more exciting than an espresso martini, might we recommend this?


  • 30ml Mac Macadamia & Wattleseed Liquerer
  • 15ml White Creme de cacao
  • 15ml vodka
  • 30ml cream
  • Ice
  • Macadamias (Toasted)
  • White Chocolate


  1. In a cocktail shaker, add ice, Mac liqueur, white creme de cacao, vodka and cream
  2. Shake until well combined
  3. Toast macadamias until golden and crush them into fine pieces.
  4. Edge rim of a cocktail glass with honey and dip in crushed macadamia pieces to coat the rim
  5. Pour your cocktail into the glass
  6. Finish with grated white chocolate.