As soon as I knew we were running a Black & White theme on Polka Dot Wedding, I knew I wanted to reach out to the PDW photography family and a few others to find out what they loved about black and white imagery for weddings, and to share some of their favourite black and white shots. The response was wonderful, varied and so stunning. So I leave you with the Beloved Black & White Imagery From Wedding Photographers…

Sarah from De Lumiere Photography shares a few of her favourite black and white images, and says, “I love how the use of black and white in an image strips away any distractions and allows the views to focus on the story of the image. Plus the groom is one of my photographers, and I was lucky enough to capture his wedding day! Black and white allow you to play with light in ways that don’t always translate as well in colour.”

Image: De Lumiere Photography

Sarah also gushes, “How gorgeous is this for styling at the groom prep?!”

Images: De Lumiere Photography

Simone Addison shares a few of the most beloved black and white images from her clients’ perfect days!

“In the first image the couple was relaxing in their hotel room before their reception and I used the light from a large window to create these strong shadows with the couple against the curtains. I love the impact and the contrast that this image has, while also being intimate and loving.

The couple in the second image wanted a night photo, so we snuck out of their reception for a few minutes and I used a backlit flash and a spray smoke can. I took a few in colour but the black and white version really makes this image sing in my opinion.

The third image was taken during the couple’s actual wedding ceremony. It was held inside and the downlights weren’t the most flattering. Just for a moment, as they put on their wedding rings, it felt like the world melted away and it was just the two of them. I chose a close crop to express that intimacy and high contrast black and white to give impact and get rid of the yellow colour cast from the downlights.

The moment in the 4th image between the bride and groom was filled with authentic emotion and for raw photos such as this, sometimes black and white imagery really makes it such a special memory.

And last but not least, the image of the bride showing her love to her grandmother. I often edit small details like this in black and white to focus on the feeling of the image, rather than the colours (which can be distracting). The bride holding her grandmother’s hand was such a small, sweet gesture that spoke volumes on the day, and forevermore in this image.”

Images by Simone Addison

Medhi from Tulieve Photography explains, “For image 1, I did shoot with black and white in mind, because, for that particular image, black and white emphasise the dramatic contrast of the image, though the colour version is great too.”

Image 1: Tulieve Photography 

“With image 2, like 90% of the time, I didn’t plan for a black and white image, it just happens during the editing process. You see an image and think “oooh that one would be great in black and white”. It works really well here to bring the focus to your subject and a sweet mother/daughter moment.”

Image 2: Tulieve Photography

“And to finish, image 3 was another case that screamed BLACK AND WHITE! It just captures that candid laugh and smile perfectly!”

Image 3: Tulieve Photography

We also heard from photographer Neiyo – “One of the images I have included I love because the bride is directly gazing at the camera and is looking perfect. Her beautiful black hair, lips, and eyebrows just look striking with the black and white contrast (whereas the color version of green and yellow could be a little overpowering).”

“The other one was a gorgeous moment where I was capturing the bride, and the groom just pulled out his phone and took some photos of us! He just had this proud look on his face, like he is the luckiest guy on the planet! It was a very quick moment and black and white imagery are just amazing for capturing these candid seconds that most people, including the bride, would probably not even notice!

Images: Neiyo 

Maddi from Bird and Boy Photography is another who shared some black and white image love! “We love Kat and Court’s black and white shots as it shows off their beauty, love for one another and adds a sense of magic. These two seriously just shine with sweetness and the black and white snaps really capture this!”

Helena and Luke’s elopement images of the couple surfing together. These two were married on the beach where they first met. We love the black and white versions of their photos as it really shows the emotion, their love for the ocean, and the sunlight peeking through the clouds!

Images: Bird and Boy Photography

Alex from Motta Weddings says, “My style of photography and editing certainly has a bright and fun aesthetic! However, sometimes I come across certain images that gravitate towards a more subtle black and white finish. I think black and white photos really create a certain mood. Monochrome images are slow, intimate, and romantic. Often the couple is not looking directly at the camera and they are simply enjoying a moment to themselves, we just have the privilege of peering into a scene and suddenly taken back to a feeling.”

Images: Motta Weddings

There is very little left to say when the images speak wholly for themselves. Thanks to the fabulous photographers for sharing these gorgeous shots for our Black & White Issue!