Timeless, striking, and quite simply put, classic. Weddings with a black and white theme really seem to be in a league of their own. Not only do they stand the test of time, but the palette also looks effortlessly beautiful in photos, and for those unsure of what style to pick for their big day, choosing a black and white theme will always be en pointe! To kick off our BLACK & WHITE issue, I’m rounding up 6 of our most memorable black and white weddings in “Back in Black & White: 6 Timeless Polka Dot Wedding B&W Love Stories!”. I do so hope you love them as much as we do… 

1. Elegant & Modern Adelaide Wedding

Images: Evan Bailey 

2. Stunning Queenstown Elopement

Image: Lauren Campbell

3. Modern Black Tie Wedding in Sydney

Images: The Loved Ones

4. Modern & Minimal Winery Wedding

Image: Aleksandar Jason Weddings

5. Industrial Luxe Wedding at The Joinery

Images: Florido Weddings

6. Elegant & Chic Sydney City Wedding

Images: Images by Kevin

Stay tuned for more Black & White beauty on Polka Dot Wedding all through the month of July!