Adding black and white touches to your wedding day can be beautifully done through the details. This rosemary leaf confetti in black paper cones is super easy to put together, great for the environment, and smells divine! You can use olive leaves, eucalyptus foliage, even lavender flowers – but the principle remains. Stick together some black paper cones to use, and your confetti goes straight to centre stage!

What You Will Need:

– Black thick card, approximately 15x15cm. Paper won’t hold the shape well, so experiment with different weights of card.

– Foliage of choice. The fresher, the better. If you decide to use dried foliage, make sure the leaves themselves aren’t too sharp!

– Double sided tape & scissors.

Step One

Cut a piece of double-sided tape the length of one side of your paper, and stick it on. Remove the sticky covering, then roll up the paper into a cone shape, pressing firmly to hold it together. Once you get into a rhythm you can easily churn these out!

Step Two

If you’re using rosemary, either cut the stems last minute, or cut and keep in fresh water for 24 hours to hydrate. Rather than using your hand to strip all the leaves off, use some secateurs or scissors to trim the foliage off the stem. This gives you much nicer leaf confetti, and ensure you leave out all the scrappy pieces. Place the black cones into whatever holding basket you have chosen, then fill them up!

Making fresh confetti is always best done as close to the event as possible, however, have a practice run to see how your chosen foliage will last. Make a cute sign and set your beautifully homemade confetti up ready for action, and your guests won’t be able to resist!