Some designers just leave an impression on you, no matter the number of times you see their work. For us, Spanish designer Yolancris completely fits this bill, and when you pour over the gowns of the 2021 “Touch” collection – oh, you’re going to agree!

Inspired by Nina Simon’s iconic interview in 1968 and her infamous quote “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: NO FEAR”, designer Yolanda Pérez, created this collection with a freedom of spirit, a sense of individual personality, of embracing our differences and showing them off in all of their glory.

“Touch” honours the pain of 2020 too. “We look, but we don’t see. We need to touch to see. Touch to experiment, to be curious and to appreciate; to fall in love ” says Yolanda. “Touch claims freedom and the need to enjoy our senses. We have lived confined, away from our loved ones, from our everyday pleasures. These are months in which we have missed the physical contact, being able to touch and hug. Touch is born out of social empathy and ethics. It is a tribute to the sector and society.”

The gowns range from simple silhouettes, in fabrics that let the wearer, and the cut of the gown take centre stage. But there are pieces too, that are full of drama. Oversize ruffles, bold open backs, bows, puffy sleeves, sheer layered skirts, delicate laces and embroideries, the pieces each designed to be as comfortable as they are flexible.

Our picks are aplenty for this collection.  “Lizzy” with her tiered ruffled skirt and embroidered lace bodice,  “Belle” a mermaid silhouette gown with both a v neckline and back that features ivory and beige beading and lace. “Daisy” a stunningly chic high neck long sleeve crepe gown is simple but breathtaking. There’s “Meg and Lyly” a two-piece dress and coat ensemble which with silk tulle detail has a distinct haute couture flavour. “Marjorie” a tented silhouette brings to life easy breezy summer days down the aisle and our last pick “Maikini” has a distinct shirt and skirt look, utterly elegant and quite unlike anything we’ve seen down the aisle recently.

And yes, our list of favourites is long, but it makes sense because this is a collection that really is designed to be flexible, and tailored to you want your own style. It’s not for one style of wearer or another, because it honours anyone who might wear these pieces down the aisle. The best part? YolanCris work hard to produce their gowns sustainably. They minimise waste, they reuse as much as they can, they produce their gowns locally and they don’t overproduce. The brand creating its own code of ethics and sticking to it.

Yolancris take virtual appointments and can be found in New Zealand store Novia Brides.