The Lovereel shooters have filmed at many different venues over the years. And whilst we always love shooting in new locations, there’s always going to be a handful of venues that hold a special place in our hearts, not only because of the beautiful location, but also the lovely staff. Here are some of our favorite venues to capture wedding films!

Emma & James

If you want your wedding film and photos to look beautiful throughout the day, choosing the right venue and location really is a big part of it as it’s going to provide you with the backdrop for your entire wedding. It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind when it comes to picking a venue. This is especially true if you have you are a couple who is definitely going to be having a wedding film captured of your day – knowing how the venue will work within your video can make the outcome something really special.

Laura & Jan

Typically we’ll always make sure we have plenty of time before the ceremony starts to capture shots of the venue and its surroundings as this will almost always make its way into our wedding films (drone shots too if this is something you’re interested in). The ceremony is of course going to have a beautiful backdrop and setting, so we love to feature a lot of this in our films! We also absolutely love to tag along for our couple’s photoshoots as we often catch some of the most beautiful footage from the day here, being in a beautiful location and all. Moments from our couple’s photoshoots almost always make their way into our wedding films.

Kat & Andrew

And last but not least, a venue that has a wonderful setting for the reception to take place is going to look wonderful in a wedding video, especially for speeches and your first dance. Capturing the entire feel of your day is about capturing sweeping shots of the location as well as up close and personal ones, so you as a couple really get to relive your day.

Mali Brae Farm

Kat & Andrew Highlight Film

Athol Hall

Laura & Jan Short Film


Emma & James Highlight Film

Bendooley Estate

Kirsty & Allan Teaser Film

Peterson House

Jessica & Michael Highlight Film

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