We’ve been writing about weddings for almost 15 years and for as long as we can remember, Sottero and Midgley and their flagship brand has been a favourite amongst the industry,.

There are reasons a reason brand like this survives for so long, they know what people want and they deliver it. The brand’s new Spring 2021 collection absolutely no exception. There are three brands you’ll know from these guys- the oldest, Maggie Sottero launched in 1997, Rebecca Ingram in 2016 and today’s star of the show,  Sottero & Midgley which honours the collaboration of original designer Lesley Margaret and her daughter Kelly Midgeley.
Classic in style, with detail that is so very now, the gowns are designed to be easy to wear down the aisle. If you don’t just want to feel like a number, never fear, there are customisations you can make to make your gown your own. Detachable sleeves, overskirts, trains- you can add a little extra lace, change the layer order. These are gowns designed to never fit a box, but truly become yours.

Says the team “The Sottero and Midgley collection is shimmer sophisticated, minimalist in excess, personalized with perspective, elegant and cool, and above all, a mirror to the muse—the most we can aspire to set our hearts to a material stitch. There are royal styles to complement your regal fancy, pearly motifs for vintage charm, serpentine layers and ornate bodices to encourage your showiest sensibilities.”

Now when it comes to sharing our picks, you’ve got to check out “Andrew”, an art deco inspired fully beaded beauty that has the most stunning sheath silhouette. Also on our list is “Hamilton” purely for its incredible illusion lace back detail and finally, make sure you take a look at “Reeve” a gown focussed on stunning 3D lace embellishment that is an actual, utter dream.

And our absolute favourite part of this brand? Every gown is offered in sizes 0 – 24 with most gowns even offered up to size 28. Plus their inbuilt bra cups? No longer just one shade, they’re offered in both light nude and dark nude to ensure the best match,
Sottero and Midgley are stocked in Australia at Jenny & Gerry’s Bridal House in Adelaide, Just Formals in the NT and Astra Bridal in New Zealand.