It was a post-breakup dirt bike purchase that led Katrina and Zach to really meet, but their paths had crossed many times before – The groom to be only 13, the bride only 17 when their path’s first crossed. “When I turned 21 I had gotten out of a long term relationship and decided to buy a dirt bike and go riding with my brother and his friends on the weekends to have some fun, this is how Zach and I met up again.” But it was not all smooth sailing!  “We had to keep it a secret for almost six months as Zach was only 16 turning 17 and I was already 21 so the age thing at the time was a problem. Once we realised how much we truly cared for each other we made it official and now to this day have been together for nearly 9 years.

There are few spaces as utterly romantic as a lavender farm, and for Katrina and Zah, the beauty of their venue (wait until you see it at sunset) really nailed their wedding vision. That, combined with photos by Figtree Pictures resulting in an utterly romantic, utterly dream day. Says Katrina “To be honest I didn’t really have a style as such, I just picked bits and pieces of what I Iiked and that’s what came together. I just wanted it to be as relaxed as possible.”

The romance for these two, however, was evident in their story from the get-go- especially Zach’s proposal plane, which took place in the beautiful Victoria Falls. Katrina filling us in We were in Africa at Victoria falls when Zach has asked the guide which was the best lookout? He had said no.13 was the best one so Zach had to wait till he got there to ask the big question. It defiantly had come as a surprise. Zach had to lug the ring around in a safe place for the whole trip as Victoria falls weren’t until the end, this was a challenge as I love to tidy our bags all the time, in the end, he said I had to keep out of this zip!”

Katrina chose a gown by Bella Donna by Wendy Makin, trusting she would find the right gown for her. She remembers “I’m not the type of person to sit on Instagram or scroll the web for images of how people look. To me, I wanted to create my own look and hoped on the day when I tried my dress on I would have that feeling and would just know. When I tried my dress on it was stunning, not your typical white/ivory colour but was titanium with embroiled white large flowers, it had layers of tulle which made me feel beautiful, it had a very plunging neckline which I have never worn a dress with this much cleavage but it made me feel so sexy but elegant, it was definatly the one.”

“Zachary is your basic man, not interested in fashion one bit.” laughs Katrina, ” So I was the one who chose what he wore and of course I have no interest in suits. So we went off to the shops tried on a couple and decided on a navy coloured suit from YD Clothing. Not much work went into this, to be honest, what man doesn’t look good in a suit.

Katrina and Zach chose Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm for their wedding. “Have you seen Kooroomba? words are not needed for this amazing venue. Kooroomba were incredible, Asta and her team made everything possible, such an easy-going bunch.”

“I just love flowers all flowers, all I wanted was white flowers with a touch of soft pink and I let my florist do the rest,” says Katrina of the couple’s decision to hire Country Blooms.

“The best advice I can give is, make a decision on something and move on. ” says Katrina “Don’t overthink it, it’s going to be amazing no matter what and the stress you put into it will only affect you and that what we don’t want.”

Katrina walked down the aisle with her father to Passenger “And I Love Her”.

That Celebrant Guy officiated the ceremony “We wanted it to be about us, no lovey-dovey kinda stuff just the way that Zach and I feel about each other.” says Katrina ” It was absolutely perfect, the open-air chapel set the mood from the start and our celebrant did everything that we wanted. We had written our own vows which made it personal, there would be nothing I would have changed about this.

Our celebrant made our ceremony so much better than I could have imagined, so many of them drag out and talk about things that aren’t relevant but this man made ours unforgettable with the way he spoke about Zach and me.”


Katrina’s review of the couple’s chosen photographer? “Absolutely Amazing! I had only just met Brenden 2 days before the wedding via phone call to discuss what I was wanting out of our day. I didn’t have to say much because looking at their website it was everything I loved about photos, the natural light, non posed photos and just the eye for detail. It was like we had known him for years, just so easygoing- this man is truly amazing at what he does.

The reason for not meeting Brenden earlier is because we actually had to find another photographer. Our original photographer   friend had another wedding on the same day as ours- We were meant to be married on the 9th of April 2020 but had to find another photographer and thankfully Figtree Pictures were available on our new date.”

“To be honest none of it was my favourite.”  says Katrina of her favourite part of planning her wedding, “You put so much stress on yourself for it to look a certain way that you forget to enjoy it. The best day was the day before the wedding when everything was done and when I woke up the next day and it was going to be what it’s going to be.”

The couple’s first dance was to Taylor Swift’s “Lover”. “This song had no meaning to us but we chose it off youtube because it had an amazing choreographed dance to it which we learnt, well kinda but people didn’t know where we made mistakes. Who knew it was so hard to learn how to dance.”

And we couldn’t leave you without sharing one last special treat, Katrina & Zach’s wedding film! The pair enlisting FreeSkyFilms to film their day “FreeSkyFilms WOW these 2 humans are incredible on how they put together our wedding video, words can not describe the feeling we had when we watched this video.”

A big congratulations to you both Katrina and Zach, Thank you for taking the time to share your day with us, and thank s to Figtree Pictures for sharing today’s beautiful images!