Finding ways to make a venue feel more ‘you’ can take form in a million different ways! After you’ve planned the statement styling, make sure to focus on the smaller details. These gorgeous, fresh flower napkin holders are so sweet and can be made to complement many colour schemes.

What You Will Need:

  • Napkins
  • Fresh flowers – use something long-lasting, for example, zinnias, carnations, chrysanthemums, seed pods etc. If you’re not if it will last, do a trial run
  • Twine/ribbon
  • Scissors & a wooden skewer

Step 1. Once you’ve chosen your flowers, let them hydrate well for 24 hours. Cut the head of the flowers off. Using the wooden skewer, gently but firmly wiggle it through the base of the flower. Don’t do this through the stem, as the stem will likely split. Go through the base of the flower, then remove the skewer. Using your twine or ribbon, thread it through the holes. You made need to wrap the end with sticky tape. Et voila! Easy as pie! Place the flowers in a cool space until they’re ready to be tied onto the napkins.

Step 2. Using an extra piece of string, tie the napkin how you’d like it to look (without using any knots!). This step is unnecessary, but makes tying the flowers on much easier! Grab your fresh flower napkin holder, and tie it around the napkin. Remove the first piece of string, and trim the ends of your twine/ribbon if necessary.

Pop these beauties on guests plates and get your venue looking lovely! Use frilly pastel carnations for romance, or zingy zinnias for a bright pop. Seed pods add a gorgeous textural feel, while leaves last beautifully. Using flowers as your napkin holders is a simple and pretty way to add a little extra something to your table.