The awkward gap between your ceremony and your reception can be boring for your guests if it’s not something you have put thought into and planned for. Whilst the wedding party head off to get photos taken, it’s important not to forget about your guests and ensure they are comfortable and entertained in anticipation of the beautiful reception to come. It’s also a good idea to have your celebrant or MC announce when the reception is due to start and what is organised for the interim. Here are some fun things you can do to fill the gap!

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Hire A Food Truck or Cart

Before the reception, your guests might start getting a little peckish, and whilst you don’t want to spoil their appetite with too much food, something small is always welcome. You could hire The Gelato Bike to serve some delicious ice cream for your guests or perhaps even a woodfired pizza truck or paella stand. Food works both by satiating your guests’ hunger and being an interesting point of conversation. Your guests may even take some photos of the dazzling setup.

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Consider Music

Music can make or break the atmosphere between your ceremony and reception. You could hire an acoustic duo, string quartet or small band to liven up the pre-reception drinks. What you choose depends completely on the style and theme of your wedding and what you both love as a couple. We find live music to always be a hit at the weddings we plan, with the sun setting and canapes flowing. A beautiful voice serenading the crowd live is always well received by guests.

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Add Some Unique Entertainment

Think outside the box and inject your personality into cocktail hour. Some fun things we have seen over the years are flame-throwing, an aerialist show, a drag queen performance, and a magician roaming the crowd performing tricks. There are so many fun ideas to be had and you just have to get creative. Something with a bit of wow factor will not only keep your guests entertained but have them talking for years to come.

Games the guests can grab and do together as they wander or find their seats! You could even create a trivia game about the couple and have your MC conduct it with teams set by their table – a great way for your guests to work together and is a terrific ice breaker amongst guests who haven’t met before.

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Lawn Games

Lawn games have become popular at many weddings we plan these days. They are perfect for venues where you are waiting outside to go into the venue for the reception and can break the ice with your guests who haven’t met each other yet. Some great games include croquet, ring toss, boules, connect 4, cricket, giant noughts and crosses, and even giant bowling. Both young and old always enjoy a bit of friendly competition at a wedding, especially with champagne in hand!

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When planning your wedding, it can be easy to overlook the period of time between the ceremony and the reception but it’s often something your guests will remember. You’ll want to consider how long the gap will be, where it is going to take place, and how you are going to set the mood for the rest of the wedding night!

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