The combination of rain, and a stunning venue like Deux Belettes? Oh my goodness, it gives us ALL the moody, sultry vibes today for the engagement session of Ayushi & Antonio.

Captured by photographer Emma Jade, Ayushi & Antonio fell in love with the Byron Bay venue. “It has a beautiful French Provincial feel and reminds us of the European castles we have both visited together” admits Ayushi, and knew they had to make it a part of their wedding plans, somehow! The pair joining Emma on a suitably rainy, Byron day, and got just the romantic, vintage vibe they dream of.

It was a meeting through mutual friends that was the meet-cue for these two, who share “We actually met on a night out through mutual friends. After that, we connected on Facebook and our friendship grew from there until Antonio asked me out 5 months later.”

Antonio’s original plan to ask Ayushi to marry him had been quashed thanks to that dreaded c-word, but the proposal? I’d say it was no less special! Ayushi shares the story “Antonio had been planning to propose in Turkey mid-2021 and like many other plans due to the pandemic, this was quashed. Wanting to still propose the same year, he planned an elaborate week-long series of activities involving daily videos and clues from friends and family, as well as a very methodical scavenger hunt, ending in Byron Bay where he proposed at the end of the week. Like everything in the last year – nothing went to plan! It stormed and flooded the entire time in Byron and he had to think quickly on his feet to modify arrangements, but nevertheless, it was a breathtaking proposal.”

A mix of cultures and languages, had led to some of the more memorable experiences for these two. “Our families meeting for the first time has to be an unforgettable experience. His family visiting from Spain couldn’t speak English and my family here couldn’t speak Spanish. The night somehow ensued successfully but it did involve a lot of music, flamenco and Latin dancing and a lot of hand gestures to communicate!”

“Antonio is possibly the most patient and accommodating guy there is!”raves Ayushi, when asked what she loves about her future husband the most. “Not only does he put up with all my whims and fancies, but also remains optimistic and is the best cheerleader there can be.”

Antonio shares “What I love the most about Ayushi is her personality. She is very honest, smart and funny. Also at the time she is always elegant like a “princess”. I also can’t deny that she is so beautiful and her smile is priceless.”