You know how much we are the biggest fans, the biggest advocates of being yourself each and every day, and so today, it is with that in mind that we utterly and completely celebrate Melanie and Daniel.

This is their love story. It’s not “pretty” or “romantic” or even offbeat. Instead, these two honoured what they love – high fashion editorial shoots, and made their own happen thanks to Perth wedding photographer Jacob Gordon Photography. The couple sharing “We took this opportunity to combine our inspirations to come up with something we haven’t seen done before in Perth.”

The pair, who met by chance as plus-one guests at a party, built their relationship on friendship – their five-year strong friendship, blooming into love for the past two years. “Dan loves how goofy I am and I love how he does everything for me” laughs Mel. And so, on a rooftop in Perth CBD, we let their story unfold in utter, chic and moody style.