It is my favourite kind of Saturday, a Saturday where not only do we get to share a gorgeous engagement session (today’s engagement? Windswept, stormy and oh so moody) but ALSO a surprise proposal. Oh, it’s a good Saturday indeed!

Today, we introduce you to Isabella and Zane, their story captured by Grace Hilzinger, which takes place at the beautiful Callala Beach on the South Coast. Says Zane: “It was the perfect style of shoot it was on the beach and around the bush area. What made it perfect was the sky was starting to get dark and cloudy making it a really nice tone.”

And these two? They live their life filled with joy. “Our relationship is full of fun, laughter and goofiness to us almost everything is a funny story. All of our funny times involve Zane, and I never take things seriously and just letting loose. All the play fighting and wrestling, 4wd with me screaming in his ear, camping trips with missing things, 1000 trips to Kmart looking at the same stuff, doing blind makeovers when he gives in, watching movies and even having a quiet drink together and just having a blast. Our relationship has had many moments that entertain us both and we find funny. It’s not every day that you find your best friend in your life partner.”

Although these two met during high school, it was not love at first sight by any means. “I found Zane very annoying” laughs Isabella. “We met each other in our first year of high school in 2012. Zane was the class clown and a person that was so outgoing and very loud. I was the bubbly, loud and social butterfly.”

“Throughout my early years of high school, I found Zane very annoying and Zane thought I was annoying and too loud,” remembers the bride to be. “Who would’ve thought we would go from not liking each other to where we are now. Zane and I gradually become friends due to making friends with the same group of people. We slowly become friends then it got to the point we both became each other’s best friends. We would hang out almost every moment we were able to and just loved each other’s company until our friendship was clearly more to both of us.”

As for the proposal? Handing it over to Zane for the story of how he made it happen. “For a while, I knew I wanted to take this big step in life with Isabella, I was just waiting for the right time to do so.

I was talking with her best friend and her mum to get ideas on what type of rings she liked. I finally went ring shopping and found one that was just perfect for her. Once I had brought the ring, I spoke to both her parents and asked for their blessing to propose to Bella. When she told me, she wanted to go away I thought it would be a good time. Once she mentioned she wanted to get photos I instantly knew that’s when I wanted to propose. Once she told me who the photographer as I made contact with her to let her know my plans to propose and organised the best time to do it.

To me, it was the perfect time to propose on a beach and that way we could have the photos to look back on. Once we got to our destination it was time to hide the ring so she couldn’t accidentally find it. On the big day, I was nervous but so excited. She is the love of my life and the excitement was just building up. Once we got to Callala Beach we met the photographer and started the photos. In a couple of the photos Bella’s hand was so close to touching the ring I was panicking she would find it.

Once it was time I couldn’t wait. As we were taking a photo I was behind Bella I told her let’s to take a few more. At that moment I got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around. Once she did it was perfect in the water asking the girl of my dreams to marry me and she said yes.”

Isabella’s recollection? “I had planned a trip away for my 21st birthday as I was unable to have a party due to Covid-19. We planned the trip to the Shoalhaven area and made it a little romantic getaway for the 2 of us. I was very upset that I wasn’t having the big 21st party I had planned, so instead, I thought it would be lovely for Zane and me to get a couple of photos done while we were away. Zane and I had never had any photos professionally done so I was excited to get them. I found an amazing photographer and watched her page and it just made me so excited to get some photos done for us. I messaged through to Grace Hilzinger Photography and organised the photoshoot and left it at that.

It was the day of the 11th and we had spent the whole day at the beach hanging out having a good time psyching ourselves up as we were nervous. We headed back to the cabin and started getting ready with a few giggles and nervous jokes. Personally, I was very nervous cause I didn’t know what to expect getting photos done and Zane seemed to be giggling and nervous as well. A friend who lived close by offered to drive us to Callala Beach where the photos were being done. It gave us the chance to have a drink and settle the nerves.

Once we had met Grace, we had started taking photos, with nervous laughter and so much love going on I thought it was a success for our first-time getting photos done and I couldn’t wait to have these memories forever. As we were wrapping up the photos she asked if we had any more in mind. Me being me I was happy enough and said no that’s all and thanked her so much, little did I know that the love of my life and absolute best friend had much bigger plans in mind. What was meant to be a couple of photos for my 21st turned into such a dream and me becoming engaged to the person who owns my heart? Making me the soon to be Mrs Bolger! I couldn’t believe everything he put into that special moment!”

“I know it sounds cliché, but I could write a book about what I love about this man” admits Isabella on what she loves about her future husband. “When it comes to Zane, I love how he is so caring and willing to give his all to help anyone, his personality is so bright and bubbly he just makes my life so full. The way he makes me feel so safe and secure in every aspect of our life together.

The way he loves me and just gives me his all. I love that Zane was my best friend before anything else, the endless laughter we share, the inside jokes and the pure happiness we bring each other. I love that he is my person, he is my biggest supporter and my absolute rock in life I couldn’t imagine my life without him, he constantly makes me feel like I am on cloud nine. I just love him more than I could ever express in words.”

“She is outgoing she doesn’t have a care in the world what anyone thinks about her” says Zane on his love for Isabella. “Her personality is so damn bright and bubbly life just feels so full and fun when she is around.

The love I have for her is out of this world she has been my best friend for so many years but it feels like she has been my best friend/fiancé my whole life. She ss so goofy and has such a huge heart. The way she laughs could light up a room just like the way she smiles – I can never forget that gorgeous smile. I just love everything about her I’m just so in love with her I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Says Isabella “Our wedding is set for the 11th March 2023. We are so excited to be organising a wedding and starting our journey. We have locked in the date and venue.”