Happy Monday Dotties! Here we are again – another Monday in a year that is flying by – how can it be April already?

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Image by Pine & Ivory 

A florist has an eye for beauty and a creative flow that is inspired  by the blooms themselves. They also have an eye for detail making sure that the flowers or leaves sit just so, that the table decorations are beautiful and placed just so – and that is the difference between a professional and us mere amateurs. Ione of Oh Hello Petal is all that and more, creating the most beautiful and luscious bouquets and decor for your wedding day with colours that sing and with unusual greenery that brings the beauty of the beauty of the blooms to the fore. Not only does Ione create your floral decor, but she conducts floral workshops – just right for some time out with your friends, and is a whizz at creating flower crowns. Beautiful blooms tie the whole look of your wedding together and Oh Hello Petal has just the right touch to translate your dreams into reality.

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