Whether it’s a blissful backyard wedding, or tucked away in the family’s prized garden, or overlooking a fabulous view from a terrace or you’ve opened the doors to your living room wide and invited everyone inside, weddings held at home truly do create a heady combination of comfort and nostalgia. As someone who held her wedding in her parent’s garden almost 10 years ago, I can safely say that choosing to be married in a place that held so many memories for me, my husband, and my family was truly so special – and we could really create the backdrop for our dream wedding day. The possibilities were (almost) endless!

Over the last year, due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in intimate, home weddings and elopements. We have long been a fan of these, and while we mourned the temporary loss of the bigger bash parties for those who so wanted them, we’ve adored seeing the way couples have created these moments in smaller, familiar spaces. We foresee many more home-based “I Do’s” in the wedding industry future, so we thought we’d dedicate the month of April to these sweet, sentimental home weddings. 

We have so much to share with you this month! On Polka Dot Featured, we have an array of stunning weddings set at home that will make you grab the tissue box and pour another cup of tea (perfect in this autumnal weather!). On Polka Dot Wisdom we speak to a bunch of fabulous industry professionals about how best to create your at-home wedding (and wow, do I wish I had that on hand when I planned mine!). You know – the practical side of the planning when you have a sentimental, blank space to work with. And on Polka Dot Made we are serving up some delicious recipes for your wedding dessert table or your wedding favours that we cannot wait to try out – and we know you will love!

As one of the original Dorothys once said, there really is no place like home… Welcome to The Home Issue! 

Cover photo by Elinlights Photography via Janelle & Ben’s Sparkly & Pastel Sydney Cocktail Wedding