“We actually met through social media,” tells one of the stars of today’s day in the sunshine, Alex. “I was lucky enough to find her artwork on Tumblr and from that moment I was trying to catch her attention. I ended up asking her if she wanted to go to the Ai Wei Wei/ Andy Warhol exhibit with me.”

The weather may be cold and grey, but if you’re dreaming of summer days, then let Alex and Amber’s summer day in the orchards, give you a little respite. The golden light, captured beautifully by Kariyas Photography, just the cure your grey weather blues need.

This is an engagement session, filled with warmth, a lot of of laughter, and plenty of love. The story of the proposal that kicked it all off? It was as easygoing, and humour filled as Alex and Amber’s day to day life says Alex “So, from around 6 months into our relationship we would always ask one another, seemingly out of the blue, “marry me?”. Leading up to the day I started asking Amber more and more frequently. A simple and quick, “Marry me?”

For the last few years, we’ve been visiting the Heide Gallery. A beautiful space made up of 3 very different spaces. Each time we visit to take a photo of Amber at the same place, in front of the Heide 1, a beautiful pink wooden farmhouse. On this particular occasion, I asked Amber to stand in the doorway of the Heide 1 and waited for her to turn around. Got down on one knee and clumsily pulled the box out of my pocket and managed to squeak, “marry me?” Amber said yes and my I’ve been over the moon since.” Amber adding “I once wrote out ‘marry me?’ with bits of broken pretzel, I think I had the superior proposal, to be honest.”

Says Alex “My cheeks are constantly sore from smiling and laughing. From all the times Amber randomly speaks double Dutch to simply falling off the bed, we always seem to be having fun.”

The reason for the delight and casual vibe of this engagement session? “We both wanted to find a style that was warm, casual and carefree. It just resembles our relationship so well. We loved the concept images the photographers presented to us and from there, it clicked with the story of how we fell in love and our relationship.”

It’s pretty hard to argue that these two don’t seem made for one another. “We have a lot of moments where we’ll say the exact same thing at the same time, then sort of sit in the silence a little freaked out that we’re slowly just becoming the same person. Oh! That and writing down all the things he says in his sleep – my notes app is full.”

“I love the little moments where she’s wholly and entirely herself” tells Alex on what he loves most about his future wife. “There are always moments where I catch her mid-thought and all I can think is: “I’m so lucky to get to love her.”

On what Amber loves about Alex? “I love that he allows me to ramble on about each and every little thing that I might get fixated on and still acts interested – even if he’s heard me tell the same story a million times before.”