The Industrial Issue is all about embracing the grit, the rawness of the city, of built-up areas, of unexpected spaces. And we’re pretty sure that extending that idea to engagement sessions? It makes for something actually unforgettable.

Mel and Raz had the right idea, joining photographers Will & Co on a rainy, cold and blustery day through the streets of Adelaide. “We just wanted something relaxed that reflected our personalities. We love to spend time exploring cities and laneways, enjoying street art and architecture” shares Mel who, along with Raz embraced the grey and rain (complete with the help of umbrellas!).

This pair really do make the best of everything, and it is this that they cite, is part of how they’re able to remain so strong together.  Says Mel “We most love our shared sense of humour. Our ability to make each other laugh has enabled us to smile through difficult travelling situations and to lift each other up during the tough times; a skill that was needed during 2020 when we had to postpone our wedding!”

And it all began, some eleven years ago. “Raz and I met 11 years ago when we were brought as plus ones to a dinner organised by our best friends  remembers Mel. “They had met on a cruise around New Zealand and wanted to catch-up when they returned home. We chatted, ate some food and laughed while kicking around a novelty football – we went on our first date the next weekend!”

As for how Raz popped the question, Mel shares “Raz proposed at White Beach on Boracay Island. We had just spent 2 weeks with friends and family celebrating my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. We, along with my best friend and cousin, were the last to leave the island and we were all having drinks at the hotel bar overlooking the beach at sunset.

Raz convinced me to go down to the beach for photos as this was our last night – I was very hesitant as I just wanted to relax but he persevered. When we made it to the beach he had me turn around and make a love heart with my hands around the sun for a photo. I was still joking about how lame we were being when I turned back around to him only to find him down on his knees holding a ring for me. I quickly said yes and we accepted congratulations and posed for photos with witnesses to the proposal.

When we got back to the hotel bar my best friend and cousin had arranged champagne to celebrate. They also admitted that they had accidentally snap chatted the moment and sent it to friends and family – not realising Raz was going to propose. Love in the time of technology!”

The two have plenty of stories to share from their life together, here’s one of Mel’s faves. “Probably the most bonkers story we have is that Raz bought our current house without me seeing it after the first inspection! We were relocating cities and he had gone over earlier to try and find us a place to live. I got a hurried phone call from him saying that he had found us the perfect place – it had everything we needed and was in a great position. He asked me if I trusted him to make an offer and handle everything. I replied yes and 6 weeks later we moved in. 4 years later I still think it is perfect!”